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Total Bmw Magazine

Total Bmw

Whether it is a car you've bought yourself or a company car, it represents value and worth. And if you can afford a BMW - though they may not often break down, being known throughout the world as the pinnacle of German engineering, they do still cost a bit to run in petrol costs and the like - you can't afford to miss out on Total BMW. As well as bringing you the latest news from planet BMW, it also features great news on upcoming releases, fascinating looks at modified cars and practical and useful advice for avoiding costly mechanics fees through good maintenance. We particularly liked one project to be found in the June 2012 issue of Total BMW, and one that is typical of the mag's attitude and content - how much BMW can you get for PS150? You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much car you can get for a limited budget, though be prepared to do more than a bit of repairwork to get it truly roadworthy. Perhaps owning a BMW and having 'made it' isn't all that unattainable?