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Guitarist Magazine


Many guitar lovers may realise that they can sometimes end up boring their loved ones by constantly playing the same licks over and over again and basically ignoring everyone else around them while they become completely absorbed in their own playing. (Yes, we do have an acquaintance that does this... no we will not name any names! Guitarist magazine is the perfect answer for any guitar player who needs some comfort from like minded individuals. It will give sound advice and guidance as well as provide song break downs and demonstrations so players can really get to understand how the iconic songs should be played. There will also be regular interviews in the magazine with the greatest guitar players alive today. This will be a really great treat for true guitar fanatics. The interviews are always insightful and telling, the business of rock and roll music is certainly not all plain sailing! This magazine is one of the best guitar magazines around today; we have a wide variety of guitar magazines here to suit every guitar fan's taste. We suggest that you order one from us today and we'll send you a brand new glossy copy in the post the same day, if you order before 3 pm! What are you waiting for?