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International Record Review Magazine

International Record Review

International Record Review calls itself the serious classical collector magazine. It is an intelligent and high brow magazine for readers who expect good quality publications on the best new and historical classical music around. It is for those people who like to turn away from the mainstream popular music scene and prefer instead to have put more classic and high-class music to their ears. All the work from the greatest composters and musicians will be discussed including J S Bach, Neville Marriner and of course the work of Beethoven will make an appearance. This magazine brings together the old classic pieces as well as the modern and most up to date work from the best new flourishing composers. The likes of up-and-coming musicians such as Jennifer Pike will feature in the magazine, who if you didn't know won the BBC Young Musician of the Year award in 2002 at the tender age of 12! If you thought that the best classical music is only done by the great musicians of days gone by then think again! There are brilliant modern artists around today which are giving the great old classical musicians a run for their money. If you love International Record Review then why not try out Gramophone Monthly Magazine. It will bring the reader all the best classical music information around and could be an interesting change for the fans of classical music that are looking for another classical music based publication with a slightly different viewpoint.