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New African (Uk) Magazine

New African (Uk)

The African perspective is sadly hugely underrepresented in the world of magazines and news, so it is with great pleasure that we are able to bring you New African, the best-selling pan-African magazine in the world. New African isn't afraid to ask the difficult questions, and brings a different perspective to the table compared to what we in the UK might normally have experienced. It is only through viewing issues through the eyes of those they most affect that you can gain a true understanding of what they actually mean. The magazine itself is an example of really good journalism, with in-depth reporting on some of the most troubled areas of Africa, as well as positivity about the things that have been achieved within the continent. Frankly we think that gaining the ability to understand how others see things is something that should be taught at school - if we are to ever be able to see the world as a whole rather than as a fractured set of countries and boundaries, then we need to understand others. A copy of New African is a good start.