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L'officiel Voyage Magazine

L'officiel Voyage

L'officiel Voyage magazine is beautifully presented on shiny glossy paper with stunning images of the destinations discussed. We appreciate the level of detail which the editors put into the magazine such as the pricing information and the extensive tourist guides on each destination. The creators are clearly passionate about travel and experiencing something new. The magazine is only translated into French at this time but who knows, the creators may decide to move the magazine into other countries and get translating. We like the L'officiel range of magazines which includes a design version as well as fashion versions which also currently include L'officiel Collections, which gives readers extensive insider knowledge on the latest fashion trends straight from the catwalk. The L'officiel range is a popular choice in France as it has a magazine for everyone, whatever your interests. We think L'officiel Voyage magazine would also be useful for French students who are looking for different and more fun ways to get to grips with the language that don't involve a boring text book. We think this magazine could help you to improve your French and also help you to plan your next holiday in the process. We think that the beautiful photography alone makes it worth a look.