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Culture Magazine


Culture really is the una-brie-viated guide to all things cheesy. Come on, you've gouda let that one slide, they don't get any feta, trust me. Forced cheese puns aside, Culture really is astonishingly varied in its coverage, given its focus on cheese. We didn't know there was so much to write about cheese - if you had given us a pen and paper and told us to make a list, we would have struggled after writing down 'cheese'. Apparently cheese is quite the lifestyle choice, and the amount of aspects of it from the milk right through to what meal to use it in or what fortified wine to accompany it with is simply astonishing. Full marks to Culture for fully exploring its subject matter. Something about cheese makes it inherently humourous. We don't know what it is, but it's the same thing that makes monkeys funny; for some reason they possess a shared absurdity that we can't quite qualify. What we can say with absolute certainty however, is that grown men and women chasing a giant cheese wheel rolling down a hill should be an Olympic sport. Aside from the cycling events, it would be the only one we would win after all.