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PleinAir Magazine


PleinAir is the premier magazine about the art of the landscape painting and features the finest living and historical landscape artists. The term "plein air" was coined by the French Impressionists and today represents those who paint from nature out-of-doors, or "en plein air." Painting from life is considered the highest form of painting, and the foundation of all painting throughout the history of art. Today tens of thousands of artists and collectors have joined a new plein air movement, which you can follow in PleinAir magazine. Rooted deeply in history, each bi-monthly issue, edited by M. Stephen Doherty, chronicles today's master artists, their step-by-step "how to" techniques, and the collectors who follow them, as well as the historical artists who came before them. Each issue is filled with large, high-quality reproductions of paintings, along with the stories behind the art.