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Harvard Business Review - English Edition Magazine

Harvard Business Review - English Edition

Harvard Business Review is a monthly business magazine that seeks to be the leading source of new ideas for people creating, leading, and transforming business. Published by Harvard Business Publishing, the magazine has been a trusted authority for business professionals for nearly a century. Each issue is filled with in-depth articles about leadership, negotiation, strategy, marketing, finance, management, and organizational change. Regular features include a "Spotlight" section with articles focused on a specific topic, an "Idea Watch" column with articles about new research and ideas, and a "Life's Work" section that highlights an extraordinary person's career and achievements. Print subscriptions to the Harvard Business Review come with digital access, so subscribers can have unlimited access to over 25 years of past issues on the website. Subscribers can search and download over 4,000 articles about management classics, interviews, case studies, and more. Readers who are passionate about business management would enjoy a subscription to Harvard Business Review!