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The world-class Poetry Review, founded in 1909, is published quarterly by the Poetry Society. It is the UKs most widely-read poetry periodical, presenting the very best verse and writing about poetry to be found in Britain today, across all generations and schools. An indispensible read, it identifies trends and drives the direction of contemporary poetry. Here exciting newcomers rub shoulders with Geoffrey Hill, Louise Gluck, Don Paterson and Mahmoud Darwish. Each handsome 128pp issue includes essays, features and reviews.

In the latest issue- The cover is newly commissioned from award-winning illustrator Matthew Richardson, represented by Heart. Guest editor George Szirtes brings readers an eclectic and wittyissue of Poetry Review, the worlds foremost poetry magazine,with new poems including: A.B. Jacksons Of Elephants, movingbetween sources and languages; Philip Grosss Variations On ATheme From The Cornish; Matthew Sweeneys The One-eyedPhilosopher of Katmandu; Carolyn Jess-Cookes hand-grenadebaby, Boom!; Paul Batchelors Pit Ponies; Shazea Quraishi'sThe Mummy of Hor and and a passage from Owen Sheerssradio play, Pink Mist.In the essays section, Simon Armitage introduces PoetryParnassus, Carrie Etter explores prose poetry, Emily Critchleywrites about Denise Riley and Adam Piette on Geraldine Monk.Peter Scupham reviews Elizabeth Jennings, Pascale Petitwrites on Jane Hirshfield, while Grahame Davies is in theaudience for Gwyneth Lewiss stage play, Clytemnestra. Andtheres much more

Poetry Review is both open-minded and passionate about poetry. A rare combination and thats why I always read it. Helen Dunmore

The contemporary poetry magazine of record. The Guardian More Info >>
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If you are not 100% satisfied with your magazine subscription, you will receive a 100% refund for all undelivered issues, at any time, for any reason.

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