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Hello and welcome to 'Anatomy of a Band', with me, your host Frank Overdrive. In this programme we are going to be examining the various roles, duties and characteristics of the members of the classic four man band. Firstly, the Singer. This is the frontman, the image that everybody associates with the band. When someone says the bands name, they think of this man. They must be electric in stage presence, able to relate well to an audience and dance like a man (or woman) possessed. Also likely the one who deals with the organisational issues. Singing ability useful, but optional. The Drummer. Butt of all the jokes but nevertheless actually the most hardworking member of the band, and the glue that holds everyone together. The drummer is normally the most physically fit, yet least good-looking, resulting in their relegation to the skins. The Bassist. Noble of mind and of soul, the bridge between the rhythm and the melody. To be honest, the approach most bands take (and a fairly successful one at that) is to get anyone with long-hair and a beard in to do it. The Guitarist. These come in two flavours: 'lead' and 'rhythm'. Expect the lead guitarist to be egotistic and overbearing, and demand solos in every quiet section of every song. The rhythm guitarist on the other hand fades away into the background until someone realises that they left the band a year ago but nobody had noticed. More Info
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