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Published Semi-Annually  2 issues per year

About Spashion Magazine

Spashion. Spashion. Spaassshhhhionnn. No matter how many times we say it we can't quite get it to sound right, to sound like it was meant to be. Which is a shame, because based on the quality of the content Spashion was clearly meant to exist. Somehow it isn't actually the first magazine featuring a mash-up between fashion and sport - check out Sepp magazine, also stocked here at Newsstand, for an entertaining collision between football, fashion and culture. We do love a good mash-up mag though, simply because the results are unpredictable but always worth a look. You are going to get something pretty unique as a result of the meeting of two worlds, and when you think about it Spashion makes a surprising amount of sense. Athletes and Sports-men and -women earn a fairly substantial amount of money, and enjoy looking stylish - it's a match made in heaven. We would also like to say that, despite it's slightly strange sounding name (to be fair they had their hearts set on a mash-up title, and Fashorts isn't any better) it is an excellently made magazine. The paper is excellent, it is perfect bound, the writing is insightful and revealing and the photography is absolutely top-notch. One for the dedicated follower of fashion. And sport. Or both. More Info
2 Issues / Semi-Annually
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About Spashion

Issues per Year: 2
Estimated Delivery: Up to 12 weeks
Publishing Frequency: Semi-Annually
Publisher Name: Magazine Cafe

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