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Published Monthly  12 issues per year

About Street Fighters Magazine

Streetfighters does a great job of showcasing and listing the performance of some of the most powerful sports bikes out there, both straight from the manufacturers and after a huge amount of customisation and modification. However, they know just as well as you do that it's not simply how quickly you get there that matters, but how good you look in the process. Every issue features bike that have been reconfigured to look outrageous and stunningly stylish. From the choice of colour to the width of tyre, everything makes a difference to how good the bike looks, and as a result how good you look riding it. After all, even the stunning babes posing next to the bikes wouldn't be able to make an absolute pile of rust look like a lean, mean, streetfighting machine. Think about how important the speed vs. style thing actually is. Imagine turning up to a party, perfectly on time due to your ridiculously speedy motorbike. Some may be impressed, and you might even persuade a few people to jump on the back and hold on tight. But the ride would be over before it had really. Now imagine rolling up a little late to the party on your stunning looking bike, all sleek, black and mean. You will barely be able to move for admirers, and a nice long ride might be in order. More Info
12 Issues / Monthly
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About Street Fighters

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