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Published Semi-Annually  2 issues per year

About Vinyl Riot Magazine

Vinyl Riot - a choice of name that we really want to know the story behind - is all about using the medium of photography to explore the world around you and capture some of its brilliance. This is all about the people, the living, breathing heart and soul of the party, those who maybe live slightly differently, wear unusual clothes and styles but have a damn good time doing so. After all, what is the world without the people? Simply endless, beautiful but pointless scenery; an astonishing, marvellous place is nothing if there is no-one to experience it. Just as a tree can fall in a forest and not make a sound, so a landscape lacks magnificence until it is experienced. It is there, in all its glory, but it may as well not be if no-one sees it. Each image in Vinyl Riot captures but a slice of time, a fleeting frame that can never quite be replicated, a single point in time and space unique from all others. A photograph can contain a whole universe or a single person yet still convey the wonder of both just the same. For an astonishing selection of some personal yet profound moments, Vinyl Riot is perfect. More Info
2 Issues / Semi-Annually
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About Vinyl Riot

Issues per Year: 2
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Publishing Frequency: Semi-Annually
Publisher Name: Magazine Cafe

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