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Arr me hearties! Heave to and hoist the mainsail, thar be landlubbers reading this! Ah, wait, this isn't the kind of sailing that bears much if any relation to pirates - the modern day equivalents in Somalia are as unlikely to be sporting a peg-leg, parrot and dubious accent as they are likely to be carrying an AK-47. The world of modern yachting bears little relation to the old fashioned world of sailing, where it was a dangerous, life-threatening business to contemplate setting out on a voyage to a faraway land. Instead the world of yachting as shown by Yacht Capital magazine is one of luxury, beautifully designed yet highly functional sleek and sharp boats that cut through the waves as if they are barely there, though there is the faint likelihood of being kidnapped and held to ransom. Magazines of this type often choose to focus on either the lifestyle or the sporting aspect, but Yacht Capital neatly solves the problem by being impressively long and combining the two. We were particularly impressed by the coverage of the sport of yacht racing as well as the coverage of the more relaxed approach to floating about to be found in Yacht Capital. You also get a fascinating Italian perspective into Yachting, as the editorial staff and production is located in Italy, meaning that this is a highly interesting read for any yacht captain passing the time until the sun is over the yardarm. More Info
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