Bark Magazine

Bark Magazine

Published Quarterly 4 issues per year

Bark is a dog magazine that's so much more than a how-to guide for caring for canine companions. With the motto, "Dog is My Co-Pilot," The Bark is the educational and cultural guide for the true dog lover.

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About Bark

What began in 1997 as a newsletter to advocate for off-leash dog parks in Berkeley, California has grown into the award-winning guide to modern dog culture with over 250,000 readers. While The Bark provides dog owners with the latest news and information they need to take care of their pets, it also delves much deeper, looking at dogs as not only members of the household, but also as members of society. Through thought-provoking commentary and literary pieces from renowned authors, The Bark analyzes how dogs fit into our culture, making it an intriguing and valuable resource for pet parents as well as people who just want to learn more about dogs and the people who love them.

For the more practical dog owner looking for tips for taking care of their pet, The Bark includes regular sections like "Travel," tips for traveling with dogs; "Recipe," a healthy meal that can be made just for dogs; "Pet Care," a section full of advice addressing common questions and concerns; "Second Opinion, where a veterinarian provides advice on dog health care; and "Behavior," which offers insights on understanding and improving a dog's behavior. Readers will also find reviews on the latest pet products. Other sections include "Assistance," an inspiring story of dogs serving others, and "Book Reviews" for recommendations of the latest and greatest in the world of dog literature. Subscribers can look forward to special issues, including the "Holiday Gift Guide."

Bark is the perfect magazine for today's cultured dog lover.

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Bark Magazine Subscription Review

Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Christen from,
No one may truly understand just how special your dog is to you, but if a magazine could, it would be Bark. That’s because it focuses on the relationships between humans and dogs, whether they are beloved pets or service animals.
While each issue carries regular features about training tips, dog behavior, book reviews and travel advice, Bark magazine is more dedicated to the joy that dogs bring to our lives.
Some dog magazines are all about purebreds, physical characteristics and showing techniques. But Bark magazine knows that all of our furry friends are special, so you’ll find plenty of pups regardless of pedigree acknowledged inside. Even better, a lot of the magazine’s advertising supports shelters and rescue organizations, as well as spay and neuter programs.
Published six times a year, the magazine covers tales about how we love our dogs and what they do for us as pets and in professional capacities. Among these are inspirational stories about service animals, like those that work as sheep herders, as part of rescue squads or even with game wardens.
Some readers have called Bark magazine the NPR or the New Yorker for dog owners and dog lovers, and with such entertaining essays and engaging content, they may well be right.
Thanks for watching my video review of Bark magazine. Be sure and check out our current magazine subscription deals!