Carolina Gardener Magazine
Carolina Gardener Magazine

Carolina Gardener Magazine

Published Seasonally 9 issues per year

Carolina Gardener is a gardening magazine that focuses on the flora grown in the Carolinas and southeastern United States. Published since 1998, Carolina Gardener seeks to inspire with ideas and projects so readers can transform their homes using plants, trees, and flowers that flourish in the south.

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About Carolina Gardener

Carolina Gardener is the perfect resource for the southern gardener looking to create a beautiful oasis in their front or back yard. Written by and for those passionate about gardening, Carolina Gardener contains inspiring articles, DIY projects, and even recipes to help readers get the most from their southern gardens.

Each issue of Carolina Gardener contains valuable tips and tricks for making a garden flourish, including DIY projects for a beautiful garden on a budget. From creating hanging planters to building the perfect patio, readers will find motivation for making amazing landscapes that are designed to thrive in southern weather, and that are budget-friendly. Sections like "Landscape Design," and "Garden Profile" showcase beautiful gardens around the south to inspire readers.

In addition to the informative articles, regular features include "Ask the Expert," where readers can write in with questions about gardening, and "Region Reports," which offers information about specific areas of the Carolinas. "How to Do That" offers handy information for how-to projects in the front and back yard. Carolina Gardener also provides tips for pest control, and has a section devoted to indoor plants and flowers for those who are interested in hothouse gardening.

Anyone who is interested in regional gardening and is passionate about working with plants native to the Carolinas will love a subscription to Carolina Gardener!

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Publishing Frequency: Seasonally
Publisher Name: Carolina Gardener Inc.

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