Shape Magazine

Shape Magazine

Published Seasonally 10 issues per year

Shape is a women's health and fitness magazine that offers healthy meal ideas, workouts, style tips, and advice for how to live a healthy and happy life.

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About Shape

Shape inspires women to stay active and healthy with style and beauty tips, workout routines, healthy recipes, weight loss ideas, and more. Its motivational articles and tips help readers to love their bodies and live a well-rounded life.

Shape motivates women to adopt a fitness mindset by understanding that being active is a lifestyle choice, not necessarily an endgame. As a result, Shape contains features that support overall healthy living. Regular sections include "Workouts," which offers a variety of routines that target different areas of the body, and "Weight Loss," which features diet tips and tricks for healthy weight loss. "Food & Nutrition" offers recipes using fresh, seasonal ingredients, as well as innovative recommendations from influential chefs.

Style enthusiasts will love Shape's "Beauty & Style" section, which showcases new beauty tools and products and highlights the latest clothing styles. It also offers skin, hair, and makeup ideas, from how to wear new colors, to how to get glowing skin. This section also contains health news and information readers can stay on top of new health trends.

Shape's covers often feature celebrities who share workout tips, recipe ideas, and advice about how to stay motivated.

Anyone who is interested in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, and in feeling beautiful on the inside and outside will love a subscription to Shape!

Issues Per Year: 10
Estimated Delivery: 6-12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Seasonally
Publisher Name: Meredith Corporation

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Shape Magazine Review

Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Tami.
I’ve noticed that subscribing to a health & fitness magazine like Shape every month helps me to stay motivated to eat healthy and work out regularly. I like Shape magazine because it has new recipes and easy-to-follow workouts each month, which keep me from getting bored with my eating and exercising routines.
Shape magazine is also a great source for latest fitness, nutrition and weight loss information. There are always a lot of easy tips on how to lighten up recipes and mealtime staples without compromising taste. Since Shape magazine explains a variety of weight control strategies in each issue, I always find a strategy that will works for me.
The suggested workouts are varied and challenging. I like the monthly cardio routines the best. I tend to get bored with cardio easily so Shape’s monthly workouts help me change up my routines without getting off track. Also, each month the magazine publishes new strength-training exercises, which focus on a particular muscle group. I enjoy these since they are almost always new exercises to me.
I appreciate that most of the fashion advice that Shape offers is fitness related—they’ve featured the best running shoes and workout clothes. Still, Shape does include short features on the latest trends in non-fitness fashion and beauty.
Thanks for checking out the current Shape Magazine subscription offers today at Please give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES.