Golf Digest Magazine

Golf Digest Magazine

Published Monthly 11 issues per year

Golf Digest magazine is one of the most-read golf magazines in the world. The magazine includes instruction on how to become a better golfer, the best golf courses and the stories behind famous professionals.

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About Golf Digest

The world of golf comes to life inside the pages of Golf Digest. It has been providing in-depth coverage of the PGA and LPGA since the magazine was first published in 1950. For those who want to improve their golf game, Golf Digest offers a host of expert tips, lessons and how-to tutorials. Golfers of all skill levels can learn how to perfect their swings, get rid of that slice, get a better short game and choose the right club for every shot.

Golf Digest offers reviews on clubs and equipment. The magazine also reviews golf courses around the world, so golf lovers know exactly where to go when they travel. In fact, each year this publication compiles a list of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses. Hundreds of golf experts vote on the results. From the Masters and the PGA Championship, to the U.S. Open, British Open and Ryder Cup, Golf Digest gives its readers an insider's look.

Golfing fans will also love the stories of both legendary golfers as well as up-and-coming players looking to make their mark on the game. Famous professional golfers are often featured on the cover of Golf Digest. Anyone who loves to golf would enjoy a subscription to Golf Digest!

Issues Per Year: 11
Estimated Delivery: 6-8 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Monthly
Publisher Name: Conde Nast Publications

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Golf Digest Magazine Subscription

Video Transcript
I’m Jay Clarke. Thanks for stopping by today to take a look at the current deals we have on a Golf Digest magazine subscription. As President and CEO here at I’ve read a lot of magazines and I definitely have some favorites. Golf Digest surely makes that list.

Like any golfer, I’m always looking for ways to improve my game and shave a few strokes off the next time I hit my favorite course. Each monthly issue of Golf Digest is packed full of tips to help me become a better golfer. Not only does it provide insights into techniques I can use to improve my swing, but it’s also full of informative reviews of the latest products on the market, as well as previews of advances in equipment coming down the road.

In addition to the wealth of instructional articles and reviews, Golf Digest also covers the pro tour, including regular articles from some of the top names in golf. I really enjoy seeing a deeper and more personal side of the sport and its top athletes which is another aspect that sets the magazine apart from other golf titles.

For the golfer interested in playing more than his or her usual spot, Golf Digest magazine also features some great information on travel tips and course reviews to help you plan the perfect golfing get-away.

While nothing can come close to a great day on the course, Golf Digest offers the next best thing. If you love this game like I do, then a Golf Digest subscription would make for a perfect addition to your monthly reading list. Take a look at the current subscription offers we have going on today at and feel free to give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES or send us an email if there’s anything we can do to help.