Popular Photography Magazine

Popular Photography Magazine

Published Bi-Monthly 6 issues per year

Popular Photography is a photography magazine that contains tips, tricks, and techniques for capturing the perfect moment. Amateurs and professionals will love the camera reviews and stunning photographs designed to help readers get the most from their film or digital cameras.

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About Popular Photography

Popular Photography inspires readers to become better and more creative photographers with their advice on techniques, gear reviews, and reader photos. Since their initial publication in 1937, Popular Photography has featured a stunning collection of photos that range from nature and wildlife scenes to portraits and cityscapes as well as the most up-to-date information on photography trends and gear.

Readers will love Popular Photography's "How-To" section, which offers tips such as how to shoot in different kinds of light, or how to get the perfect angle for a portrait. It also supplies content and articles for both film and digital photographers, from editing photos on Macs or PCs to using a darkroom. It also offers advice for shooting in black and white, hints for travel photography, and more information that's helpful for both photography hobbyists and professionals. Other articles include up-to-date news in the world of photography, and interviews with both up-and-coming and established photographers.

Each issue also contains the "Buying Guide" section, which offers expert reviews of new cameras, lenses, and other accessories for getting the perfect shot. The "Fix It" section also offers solutions for common camera issues, while the "Travel" section offers suggestions for inspiring getaways. Popular Photography also hosts reader photo contests, and frequently features these breathtaking photos in their issues.

Both amateur photographers and professionals will find something to love with a subscription to Popular Photography!

Issues Per Year: 6
Estimated Delivery: Up to 12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Publisher Name: Bonnier Corp

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