Us Weekly Magazine

Us Weekly Magazine

Published Weekly 52 issues per year

Us Weekly is a pop culture and entertainment magazine that gives readers a unique perspective into the lives of celebrities and an inside look at Hollywood's biggest stories. Each issue includes photos of favorite stars as well as interesting stories about what they're like when the cameras are off.

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About Us Weekly

Regular columns, including "Just Like Us." feature photographs proving that even models, actresses and rock stars have to do everyday chores. They go to the grocery store, drop the kids off at school and take the dog out for a walk. They have families, bad hair days and eat fast food now and then...just like us.

Us Weekly magazine also gives a glimpse of the glitzy and glamorous side of the entertainment scene.

Celebrities share tips on dieting, fashion, beauty and more. Special editorials throughout the year include the "Year's Best Makeovers," "Hollywood's Best-Dressed List" and "Hollywood's Best Diets."

Readers who want to stay current with entertainment news and celebrity life will enjoy a subscription to Us Weekly.

Issues Per Year: 52
Estimated Delivery: 4-6 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Weekly
Publisher Name: Wenner Media, Inc.

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US Weekly Magazine Subscription Review

Video Transcript
Hi. I’m TV and Radio host Patricia Lopez here at to tell you why I love my US Weekly Magazine subscription. Working in entertainment, it’s my job to always be up-to-date on what’s going in Hollywood.

Now while there are a lot of great entertainment magazines out there, I really love the insider information I get when my US Weekly arrives. Not only does it cover the award shows and red carpets, it goes a step further and takes you behind the scenes, backstage, into the dressing rooms and into the after parties. While US magazine covers the juicy Hollywood tidbits like who’s dating who, who’s doing big things, and who’s up to no good, I love that they dig a little deeper to give us more than just the Hollywood news by also showing us ways to incorporate a little Hollywood glitz and glam into our own lives.

With US Magazine, it’s not just about covering celebrity style and showing what the stars are wearing. It’s taking it a step further and showing me how I can get that same look for less without the movie star paychecks coming in! From celebrity fashion to health, beauty, diet & fitness advice from the stars, I love that US Weekly really gives everyone a way to put a little Hollywood glitz into their own lives.

If you love breaking celebrity news, movies, music, television, fashion and entertainment then I definitely suggest checking out the current US Weekly subscription deals going on here at

I’m Patricia Lopez and thanks for stopping by!