Teen Vogue Magazine

Teen Vogue Magazine

Published Quarterly 4 issues per year

Teen Vogue is a teen life magazine that caters to individuals in this age group with a passion for fashion, beauty, style and pop culture.

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About Teen Vogue

Billed as the Vogue magazine for the younger set, Teen Vogue has been in circulation since 2003. The smaller, digest-size magazine has a more glossy view compared to other teen magazines, which fits with the template of the Vogue style. Fashion-forward teens rely on Teen Vogue to stay on top of trends and the latest in stylish sophistication. Content centers around news and trends related to fashion, beauty, style, family, health, relationships and, of course, the hottest young stylish celebrities! Popular stars are often used to showcase the latest fashion and beauty trends with advice on how teens can incorporate them.

Each issue of Teen Vogue magazine is divided into two sections: Fashion, which features insightful celebrity interviews about the stars and their style; and Beauty & Style, the lowdown on the best beauty products and how to use them. Favorite departments within the magazine include: "People Are Talking About," reviews on teen movies, music and TV shows; "Cover Look," inside the cover celeb's style and how to get it; and "In This Issue," a buying guide that tells where to find all the featured stylish looks.

Various special issues of Teen Vogue are published throughout the year that are dedicated to spring fashion, fall fashion, beauty awards, back-to-school, as well as its Young Hollywood Issue.

Teenage trendsetters with a passion for fashion, beauty, style and pop culture will enjoy a subscription to Teen Vogue.

Issues Per Year: 4
Estimated Delivery: Up to 12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Quarterly
Publisher Name: Conde Nast Publications

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Teen Vogue Magazine Subscription

Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Kara Gause.
Most days you’ll find me juggling my laptop, my twin toddlers, or all of the above. Like most women, I’ve been reading Vogue magazine for years. Teen Vogue is sort of the “fashionista-in-the-making” version.

It didn’t exist back in the day when I was a kid. If it had, the grunge thing might have ended a lot sooner. Can I just say today’s girls are SO much better dressed and sophisticated than we were. Way more stylish than yours truly.

This is a magazine about fashion. Style. Glamour. Teen Vogue is much more grownup compared to say Seventeen or Girls’ Life. It does cover things like celebrities but mostly their fashion choices. What they wore to the Oscars or some party. Not really “who’s dating who”, but “who’s wearing what.” It even talks about designers, not just where to buy something cute. And it’s a small enough magazine that you can actually fit it in a purse or bag—like a look book.

Of course, it covers age-appropriate things like prom completely. Most teenage girls are dreaming about prom like 20-somethings start dreaming about their weddings. My guess is that’s how a lot of girls start reading Teen Vogue, to look at what’s hot for prom season. All the hair and makeup. Let’s just say prom is covered.

A Teen Vogue subscription is something I would’ve loved growing up, and with the subscription deals at Magazines.com it’s something your daughter will look forward to every month. Thanks for stopping by the site today. You can read more about me here on magazines.com, on my blog masterofwhat.com or on Twitter @masterofwhat.