Combat Handguns Magazine
Combat Handguns Magazine

Combat Handguns Magazine

Published Bi-Monthly 6 issues per year
Combat Handguns is a weaponry magazine that has been publishing news and information for firearm enthusiast for more than 40 years. Each issue includes shooting tips, close-combat tactics, expert reviews, and interviews and profiles of those leading the charge to educate the public about their gun rights. More Info >>
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Additional Information

About Combat Handguns

Combat Handguns is the right fit for any gun arsenal. Each issue covers weaponry from the past and present, the history of manufacturers, historical figures and their weapons of choice, tactics and real-life accounts about readers exercising their rights to defend themselves. Inside each issue, experts discuss and test the newest handguns, review old favorites, and try to reach a conclusion about what weapons are right for each type of person. These reviews include a full-range of photographs that helps readers experience the weapons before they buy. Other features include real-life stories from people that understood the law and how to defend themselves in the face of danger. This section includes "Street Smarts," which strives to give people the tools to help them prevail in potentially lethal encounters. Also found in this section is legal advice from experts that know the language of the law and the rights of handgun owners and user, including all forms of self-defense. Also of interest, "Ladies Only" covers the fastest-growing firearm demographic in the country, the gear that fits their needs, and the challenges of being a female gun owner. Those interested in gun ownership, their legal rights, and the best ways to own, care for and use guns will appreciate a subscription to Combat Handguns.
Issues Per Year: 6
Estimated Delivery: Up to 12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Publisher Name: Athlon Media

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