Cooking Light Magazine

Cooking Light Magazine

Published Monthly 12 issues per year

Cooking Light is a magazine for health-conscious, working families looking for quick and easy, delicious and nutritious recipe ideas. From sweet and savory seasonal dishes, to low-calorie meals for weight loss, to meatless options, this is the perfect magazine for anyone who loves food, cooking or baking.

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About Cooking Light

Cooking Light is the ideal magazine for food and beverage enthusiasts, whether you like to cook or are just learning. Regular articles cover seasonal food choices; everyday meal ideas; quick and healthy options; vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free foods; menus for entertaining; kitchen hacks; and basic cooking 101 tips.

The magazine delivers diverse ideas for making your own beverages, appetizers, main dishes, sides and desserts. You'll find current and classic recipes for salads, breads, pastas, sauces, soups and stews, and so much more. The magazine also includes articles on fitness, travel, and beauty for whole-body wellness.

If you are especially health-minded, Cooking Light offers nutritional information, recipe makeovers for lighter options to your favorite foods, and healthy travel guides that help readers make smarter choices while on-the-go. A popular feature of the magazine is the Food Lover's Weight Loss Guide, which helps readers get back on track with easy steps to achieve long-term weight loss success. Articles cover low-calorie recipes, bust diet myths, share weight loss success stories, and teach readers healthier eating habits.

Some other helpful recipes you'll find include balanced daily meal plans for natural energy; slow cooker meals that are ready to eat when you get home from work; quick and healthy dishes you can freeze for delicious leftovers; kid-friendly cooking projects; back-to-school snacks; grilling guides; and no-cook meals.

Short on time? Cooking Light is the perfect magazine for busy families who need nutrition made easy. Start eating healthier without losing the flavor! Subscribe to Cooking Light and enjoy tasty, family-friendly recipes today!

Issues Per Year: 12
Estimated Delivery: 6-8 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Monthly
Publisher Name: Meredith Corporation

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Customer Reviews


Cooking Light Magazine Subscription

Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Beth, a food and drink blogger from Nashville, TN. I’m always on the hunt for new and exciting things in the culinary world so I created my blog, Eat. Drink. Smile. to share all of my adventures, discoveries, inspirations, and recipes, along with a sprinkling of just about anything else that brings a smile to my face!

I’m also a long-time subscriber to Cooking Light magazine. It all began after I gained the dreaded Freshman 15 in college. (Truth be told: It was 20!) I had to make some changes in my life, and the first step was spending several hours of my week in the gym. In addition to working out, I began to get interested in cooking for myself so I wouldn’t have to rely on the campus canteens for my meals.

When I happened upon a copy of Cooking Light at a friend’s place, I was instantly mesmerized by the delicious looking healthy dishes that were featured. It seemed to be the perfect way to start down my new healthier path in life. Over time the magazine has made many changes, and I have to say that I’m happier with it now than ever before. With it’s bright photography and clean layout, it’s an easy and enjoyable read. I’m a very visual person, so I love that it has photos with every recipe, and is not too text heavy.

With food as the focus, the dishes seem to come to life on the pages in front of me. While I sometimes enjoy other food magazines, many of them use exotic or hard to find ingredients in their recipes, and the steps involved in the process are too cumbersome for my busy lifestyle. What I love about Cooking Light is that the cooking techniques are usually very simple, the instructions are easy to follow, and finding the ingredients is a cinch.

In addition to the recipes, I also really enjoy the “Editor’s Dozen” section, where there are always new products and interesting gadgets I’ve never seen before. I’ve purchased many of the featured items for both myself and to give as gifts!

If you’re like me and love to cook then be sure to check out the current Cooking Light subscription offers at and follow my adventures at and @betheats on Twitter!