Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Published Seasonally 11 issues per year

Cosmopolitan is a Fashion & Style magazine for women that own their lives, are looking for fun, want to stay on top of the latest fashion and glamor tends, while also getting the most out of their relationships.

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About Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan is about experiencing life to the fullest. This magazine is perfect for the young 20-somethings looking to make their mark on the world. Experienced women will find that Cosmopolitan compliments an exciting life already in motion, and see even greater opportunities up for the taking. All ages will appreciate the fashion and style tips, sections on health and body, hints about living better, and ways to attract all the right attention.

Inside each issue you will find the latest news about pop culture, work and money, what's going on inside men's heads, dating and relationships advice, entertainment, self-improvement and female issues. User submitted content about embarrassing moments, total fails, and success will keep you entertained any may help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Cosmopolitan has an editorial focus that is driven by a creative team dedicated to filling each issue with valuable content, including: "Culture Crush," which talks hot guys, the best books, fashion fails, and "#RealTalk" that takes on a serious issue in the world of women; "Style" that covers a fashion theme and how to pull it off, fun and fearless finds on the cheap, and other insight into the world of style; "Beauty" helps you get the most from hair, skin, eyes, and so much more; "Work & Money" is all about conquering your job and finding happiness; "Love Lust" covers the good and bad about relationships, one night stands, and getting them most out of sex; "Body" puts a focus on staying healthy and reaching your fitness and diet goals; and "Live It Up!" covers a special topic that you won't want to miss. Look out for special issues on Spring fashion, beauty awards, holiday gift guides and more!

Cosmopolitan is the bible when it comes to the world of women and living fabulously. Women of all ages who want to lead their best possible lives will enjoy a subscription to this magazine.

Issues Per Year: 11
Estimated Delivery: 6-12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Seasonally
Publisher Name: Hearst Communications

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Customer Reviews


Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription Review

Video Transcript
Hi. I’m TV/Radio host Patricia Lopez here to tell you a little bit about how Cosmopolitan magazine has fit into my life over the years.

Every issue of Cosmopolitan is jammed packed with the hottest fashion trends, latest beauty tricks and helpful tips to spice up your relationship. I feel like the main focus for Cosmo is to deliver up-to-date, fun content women really want to read. And Cosmo delivers juicy articles on juicy topics every time! If fashion, dating or beauty is not your thing Cosmo also offers great articles on bettering your career, staying fit, eating healthy and in-depth features on cultural issues, domestic violence and much more. This magazine really has something for everyone even men, who secretly read Cosmo for the relationship tips and advice. I’ve heard lots of men say this is one resource where they learned a thing or to about how to keep a woman happy!

One of my favorite features to read each month are the confessions. Women and men share their most embarrassing moments and shocking secrets. I can’t put the magazine down once I start reading them, they are hilarious! I’m just glad I’ve never had a personal experience worth writing about….well, at least not one that I care to share in public. One warning I will give any new Cosmo reader; you may not want to leave this magazine sitting on the coffee table if your grandmother is visiting. The cover taglines can be quite uncensored at times, which may bring on all shades of red to your face.

With the current Cosmo subscription deals at there’s no better way to get your fix of great fashion, health, celebrity and relationship news every month. Thanks for visiting