Entertainment Weekly Magazine

Entertainment Weekly Magazine

Published Weekly 46 issues per year
Entertainment Weekly is an entertainment magazine that concentrates on entertainment industry news including critical reviews of film, television, music, Broadway theatre, books, and popular culture. More Info >>
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About Entertainment Weekly

First published in 1990, Entertainment Weekly is an authoritative take on the best and worst in entertainment. Every issue is packed with interviews with celebrities, directors, authors, and other creative individuals who make entertainment happen in front of the camera or behind the scenes.

About half of each issue is comprised of reviews of movies, television, music, and books. Each review section uses the academic-style of grading with letter grades for reviews, so readers can quickly see what's hot and what's not according to critics. Some of Entertainment Weekly's other popular features include: "The Must List," the editors' top 10 things to love that week; "What to Watch on TV," the must-see programs on television each week; and "Legacies," a salute to entertainers who've passed away.

Throughout the year, Entertainment Weekly publishes multiple special issues dedicated to seasonal TV previews, as well as summer, fall, and holiday movies. The magazine goes all out for the Oscars with issues detailing the nominations, odds, and winners and losers. Additionally, EW prints a "Music Issue," an "Entertainers of the Year" issue, and a "Best and Worst of the Year" issue. Print subscriptions now come standard with a digital component so you can enjoy Entertainment Weekly whenever on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Entertainment news lovers looking for an insider take on movies, television, and more would enjoy a subscription to Entertainment Weekly magazine!
Issues Per Year: 46
Estimated Delivery: 4-6 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Weekly
Publisher Name: Time Inc

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Entertainment Weekly Magazine Subscription Review

Video Transcript
Hi. I’m Patricia Lopez, here at Magazines.com to tell you a little about Entertainment Weekly Magazine. Entertainment Weekly is an excellent resource for all that’s hot in pop culture. From music and movies to television and books, Entertainment Weekly covers it all. One of my favorite things about Entertainment Weekly is their Must List, which is a weekly list of the top ten things that they love in entertainment. It helps me find new movies, TV shows, DVDs, CDs, and books that I might have otherwise overlooked.

As a movie buff, my absolute favorite issues of Entertainment Weekly are their Summer and Fall movie preview issues. I love to see their sneak peaks, feature articles, and reviews about upcoming blockbusters. Their Critical Mass chart lets me easily scan the grades assigned by various critics to new movie releases, so I know which flicks are worth seeing over the weekend. The Box Office Chart is also fun to see where my favorite movies are stacking up.

One section that always makes me laugh is the TV sound bites, which highlights some of the funniest and most unusual quotes from the week in television. Their What To Watch guide also gives a great overview of some of the upcoming highlights on various shows. And their weekly ratings chart lets me know if my favorite shows are in the top 25. In addition to movie and TV news, Entertainment Weekly also devotes a couple pages to music and book reviews. They cover everything from bestsellers to some of the more unusual releases.

While there are other magazines out there covering movies, television, and music nobody else covers it all like Entertainment Weekly does in one magazine. It’s a one-stop source for everything in pop culture. And it really is a fun read, right up to the very last page, which is called The Bullseye. The Bullseye is a handy recap of all the hits and misses from the week in pop culture news.

An Entertainment Weekly subscription is perfect for anyone who loves music, movies, television, and books. And with the current subscription offers at Magazines.com it’s a great way to keep up-to-date with everything going on in the world of entertainment.