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ESPN The Magazine

Published Bi-Weekly 26 issues per year

ESPN The Magazine is a sports magazine that provides insight and analysis, comprehensive feature articles, stunning photography and breaking news stories any fan will enjoy.

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About ESPN The Magazine

As the companion magazine to the popular ESPN sports network, this award-winning publication covers a wide range of college and professional sports, including National League Football, the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, college football, college basketball and much more. ESPN The Magazine stands out due to its unique approach, which is more light-hearted and insightful. Readers appreciate its focus on the personalities, outside activities and lifestyles of some of their favorite athletes.

Some of ESPN The Magazine's main central themes include: NFL Draft, MLB Preview, College Football Championship Drive, Analytics, Franchise Rankings, Technique, NBA Preview, Fame, Fantasy Football and, of course, the Body. The magazine's sports conversations range from the NCAA Basketball Tournament, X Games Events and the NASCAR chase to UEFA Euro Soccer, the U.S. Open and the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Don't miss a thing regarding your favorite team, athlete or sporting event ever again -- with a subscription to ESPN The Magazine!

Sports fans who also have an interest in the lifestyles and cultures that are a part of them will enjoy a subscription to ESPN The Magazine.

Issues Per Year: 26
Estimated Delivery: 4-8 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Publisher Name: ESPN The Magazine

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ESPN The Magazine Subscription

Video Transcript
Hi. My name is Jay Clarke and I love sports.

And like anyone who loves sports, I love reading about my favorite teams and athletes. There are some great sports magazines on the market and one of my favorites that I subscribe to is ESPN the Magazine.

One of the first things you’ll notice when your ESPN the Magazine subscription starts arriving is the size. It’s larger than probably any other magazine you’re used to getting and that makes for great pictures. The quality of the photography they have is fantastic and it’s really one of the things I love most about it.

As far as the writing, ESPN the Magazine sets itself apart from other sports magazines by not only covering what’s going on with your favorite teams and leagues, but by also going in depth to get you into the lives of your favorite athletes. More than stats and scores, if you’re interested in the personalities and lifestyles of both current stars and up-and-coming athletes then you’ll definitely enjoy the stories in this magazine. Perhaps a touch irreverent at times and definitely leaning towards a hipper take on sports, the articles are nevertheless both accurate and timely.

One of the other great things about this magazine is the additional access to ESPN Insider that you get with your subscription. Insider is ESPN’s fantastic online community with breaking sports news, interviews and stories that you can’t find anywhere else. Not only do our ESPN the Magazine subscription deals come out to an 80% discount off the cover price, but your subscription also gives you full access to ESPN Insider, an additional $40 value.

Thank you so much for checking out ESPN the Magazine today at If you have any questions please give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES or send us an email. You can even reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.