Family Circle Magazine

Family Circle Magazine

Published Monthly 12 issues per year

Family Circle is a home and cooking magazine for women who do it all -- and still make family their top priority and joy. The publication offers articles, tips and advice on a wide range of topics, including home, family, health, food, style and trends.

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About Family Circle

Since 1932, Family Circle has been a welcome resource in households where family comes first. Busy moms continue to appreciate the easy recipes, household management tips, wellness advice, money-saving ideas and more to this day.

Each issue of Family Circle includes editorial that helps women manage their households, and care for their families and themselves. "Home" highlights decorating ideas, budget buys and organization tricks; "Family" centers on readers' connections, inspirational stories and relationship advice; "Health" touches on wellness, fitness and nutrition; "Food" includes recipes, entertaining ideas and test kitchen secrets; "Style" shares fashion trends, beauty news and best products; and "What's New" is a compilation of trends, tips, entertainment and culture.

Family Circle has been honored with numerous awards, such as National Health Information awards, Eddie and Ozzie awards, a Reader's Choice Newsstand award and a Women's Dermatologic Society Foundation award.

Women who make family a priority will treasure a subscription to Family Circle.

Issues Per Year: 12
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Publisher Name: Meredith Corporation

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Family Circle Magazine

Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Christen from

Chances are, you know a woman who subscribes or has subscribed to Family Circle magazine. This long-time staple has appealed to our grandmothers, mothers, daughters and friends for nearly 80 years.

And it’s easy to see why. With advice on topics like cooking, cleaning, decorating, managing money, taking care of the home—and looking good while juggling it all--Family Circle is full of practical advice that can be applied to everyday living.

With growing emphasis on health and healthy eating, the magazine’s content has also evolved to include tips on losing weight and recipes that are lower in fat and calories.

Because no one topic is explored in great detail, Family Circle is ideal for professional women who are on the go or busy moms who can only sneak a few moments of “me time” here and there.

Just because your grandmother or mother have been reading this magazine for years, don’t think the content is outdated.

A quick read of a few recent issues is evidence that the advice has kept pace with the times with suggestions for must-have apps, bronzer picks and how to nab a workout with your pet.

Even after all these years, Family Circle is still full of topics of interest to women of all ages.

Thanks for checking out my Family Circle video review.