Justine Magazine

Justine Magazine

Published Bi-Monthly 6 issues per year

Justine is a teen lifestyle magazine that captures the real world of teen girls. Focused on empowering readers to pursue their dreams and live their best life, Justine offer tips and insight on everything from music and fashion to advice and interviews with inspiring public figures.

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About Justine Magazine

Justine is the perfect guide to motivate teens to grow and thrive in their day-today lives. Every issue of Justine is packed with inspiring content, beauty and fashion tips, celebrity news, DIY projects, book reviews, and more. Dedicated to helping girls live their most authentic life, Justine's articles have an optimistic, encouraging tone.

Regular sections of Justine include a fashion and beauty section that highlights the latest looks and seasonal colors, as well as advice about how to incorporate trends into their daily life. Whether readers are looking for the perfect prom dress, cute outfits to wear to school, or tips on how to finally master winged eyeliner, Justine's clear and informative articles are a perfect resource.

One of the most popular aspects of Justine is the focus on musicians and celebrities. Rather than simply reporting the latest gossip, Justine focuses on how these stars achieve a work/life balance, and report on the positive steps they take to help others. Justine also features real-world girls who are making inspirational changes in their lives and in the lives of others.

Other sections include DIY decorating ideas for school and home, workout routines and fitness ideas, and more. Book, TV, and music reviews help readers and listeners to stay on top of what's trending, and Justine also contains advice columns and health information to answer readers' toughest questions.

Justine is perfect for teen girls with an interest in beauty, fashion, or health, and it's great for those who want to be inspired and empowered to live their best lives!

Issues Per Year: 6
Estimated Delivery: Up to 12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Publisher Name: Justine Media Group

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