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Have you always been an animal lover? Does your heart melt whenever you look into the eyes of your pet? Get your fix of furry friends with pet magazines from! From magazines about dogs to magazines about cats (both wild and domesticated), we have so many options filled with adorable images, interesting facts, and more.

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Are you already a pet owner or interested in learning more about animals before bringing one into your home? Cat lovers will appreciate the wealth of information about cat ownership, from training to healthcare and beyond, in Catster Magazine. Meanwhile, żdog people" can find local dog shows, grooming tips, dietary advice, and more in Modern Dog Magazine.

If you prefer to watch the wild birds outside your window (or care for domestic ones in your own home), Birds and Blooms Magazine is sure to provide hours of enjoyment. As you flip through the pages, you'll learn about the residents of the aviary world, including parakeets, Magpies, Blue Jays, and more. Find out how to attract your favorite birds to your backyard feeders and what time of year to expect them in your region! For seasoned and aspiring equestrians Horse Illustrated is an essential read, featuring articles about riding, training, racing, and taking care of horses.

Animal magazines and animal behavior magazines like these allow you to learn more about the wildlife around you and become a better "parent" to your pets. Whether you're a dedicated dog lover or want to learn about the entire animal kingdom, you're sure to find something that piques your interest at Order your pet magazine today or share your love for animals by gifting a subscription to a loved one!