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Do you have a pet cat, dog, fish, or bird? Do you love riding horses or going to the zoo? Are you interested in wildlife conservation? If so, you'll appreciate a subscription to one of our animal magazines.

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More About Animals & Pets Magazines

Modern Dog is a top choice for dog owners. Filled with product reviews, rescue stories, breed profiles, and advice, it's the perfect resource for dog lovers. Catster is an excellent option for individuals who want to learn how to properly care for their cat. The monthly publication is filled with breed profiles, product reviews, and photo galleries. Bird Watching is a trustworthy guide for readers who want information about the most unusual birds and the best places to spot them. Coral Magazine is an essential guide for beginning aquarists and fish owners. National Wildlife magazine is a bimonthly publication filled with in-depth articles about conservation efforts and stunning photography. Published by The National Wildlife Federation, it is a beneficial guide for conservation enthusiasts.

With over 80 titles available, you can easily find a magazine that is perfect for you. Peruse our website to find the latest deals and discounts on select magazines. Animal lovers everywhere will look forward to each new issue of our animal magazines!