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Modern Dog magazine features breed profiles, health and wellness tips, heartwarming rescue stories, informative product reviews, and advice on behavioral problems. Bark magazine is another popular option. Published under the tagline “My Dog is my Co-pilot,” each quarterly issue of Bark magazine features sections on pet care, dog-friendly travel destinations, veterinarian advice, and more. You may also benefit from a subscription to a niche magazine such as Just Labs, The Pointing Dog Journal, or Gun Dog.

If you have a cat, consider subscribing to Cat Fancy or Modern Cat. Cat Fancy is filled with product reviews and timely advice. Modern Cat features giveaways, cute photo contests, and articles on how to properly care for your cat.

Pet lovers everywhere will enjoy a subscription to one of our magazines. Peruse our website to see the current deals and discounts available on cat and dog magazines. Whether you are a feline fan or a canine lover, you’re sure to find a magazine you will enjoy!