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Are you a business-minded person who follows the latest business and finance trends? If so, then one or more subscriptions to the business and finance magazines at will be an essential component of your reading material. Under the business and finance and personal finance categories, you'll find an array of timely and insightful magazines to inform and guide your business and finance decisions at work and home.

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Business and finance magazines aren't just for working professionals. With the information in these magazines, you'll have the power to run a tighter household budget, learn more about stock trading, and realize your full financial potential.

Kiplinger's Magazine has been publishing quantitative information about personal finance for decades. Financial professionals rely on the information and data inside this magazine for guidance around some of the biggest financial transactions conducted on Wall Street. Whether you're a seasoned or new investor looking to get your feet wet, you'll find the information in Kiplinger's helpful and even inspirational. In Financial Planning Magazine, you'll be able to read how the wealthy create, build, and sustain massive fortunes. You'll learn how to use the same sets of tools that top moneymakers use to amass wealth. Financial Planning Magazine will also help you plan living trusts and wills so your heirs can benefit from your hard work. There's also Forbes Magazine, which is not only full of insider information about business shakeups and transactions; it's also highly entertaining. You'll read personal interviews with top achievers like Tory Burch, Kanye West, Larry Ellison, Bernard Arnault, and many more. For financial success in everyday life, rely on the objective, in-depth reviews found on the pages of Consumer Reports Magazine. With a Consumer Reports subscription, you'll never have to guess about which brands to buy or which companies stand behind their products with the best warranties. Business and finance magazines will help you live your best life in a financially secure way. Get started today with one of our subscriptions!