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Smithsonian magazine, published by the Smithsonian Museum, is a highly regarded publication covering nature, history, archaeology, science, and the arts. With stunning photography and rigorously researched articles, Smithsonian is a feast for both the eyes and the mind. The monthly publication gives readers a comprehensive overview of national and global events. It is the perfect magazine for well-rounded individuals with sophisticated and diverse interests.

THE WEEK is a weekly news magazine that provides a succinct overview of current events unfolding on both a national and global scale. The publication covers the most important headlines in politics, entertainment, art, health, and travel. It also provides sharp analysis of how these events are affecting life both in the United States and abroad.

Individuals who enjoy detailed overviews and meaningful commentary on current events will enjoy a subscription to one of our enrichment magazines. Peruse the current deals and discounts on our website. You’re sure to find a magazine that will enrich your life!