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Guitar Player magazine is a valuable resource for guitarists seeking to become better players. Originally published in 1967, the publication contains in-depth artist profiles, extensive lessons, and reviews of electric and acoustic guitar gear.

Drum! magazine is the leading publication for young drummers and percussionists. Each new issue is filled with product reviews, lessons, colorful photos, and interviews.

Keyboard is a highly regarded magazine for keyboard players of all styles and skill sets. Each issue of Keyboard magazine includes interviews with keyboard artists, equipment reviews, beautiful photos, and music lessons.

We also sell subscriptions to several other music magazines such as Jazz Journal International, Pure Country, and Opera News. Musicians and singers alike can easily find a magazine that will educate, inspire, and entertain them.

Whether you are a professional musician or someone interested in learning more about a particular instrument or genre, you will glean useful advice in each new issue of our music magazines. Peruse our website for the latest deals and discounts on music magazines. You’re sure to find one that is perfect for you!