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TIME magazine has long been a respected authority on national and international events. With detailed, trustworthy reporting on breaking news, sharp analysis on the most pressing issues of the day, and unbiased coverage on politics, the magazine is a must-read for anyone who enjoys keeping up with the latest headlines. The weekly news magazine also covers up-to-date information on travel, pop culture, and entertainment. In addition, each issue contains opinion pieces written by well-known guest contributors. Individuals who want to stay informed about breaking news stories at home and abroad will enjoy a subscription to TIME magazine.

The Atlantic is another trusted news publication. First published in 1857, the monthly magazine contains in-depth, well-researched pieces about world affairs, current events, education, the arts, business, science, and technology. Each year, the magazine publishes an annual “Ideas Issue,” which covers groundbreaking, bold new ideas and trends. Known for its relevant commentary on culture and politics, The Atlantic is an excellent choice for individuals who enjoy bold, informative pieces about current events.

If you enjoy keeping up with current events, you’ll relish a subscription to one of our news and politics magazines. Peruse our website for current deals and discounts. You’re sure to find a magazine that is perfect for you!