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Are you a new parent, or do you know someone who is? Are you navigating parenting challenges and looking for the best solutions? has an array of informative and educational magazines for parenting children of all ages. From getting babies to sleep through the night to deciphering the many emotions of teenagers, our parenting magazines will help you become adept at handling every situation that comes your way.

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Some of the best parenting magazines are also the most popular┐and have been educating families for decades. For example, Parents Magazine has a circulation of well over two million readers. It was founded in 1926 and has provided a wealth of information for raising happy, healthy children since then. This magazine is an essential read for any parent, but it makes a particularly great gift for new mothers! Inside, you'll find articles about how to treat diaper rash, when to go for medical help, and how to deal with minor issues (like teething pain) at home.

Teens pose unique challenges to parents. Luckily, magazines about parenting can help frustrated mothers, fathers, and guardians tackle the tough parts of the teenage years. Your Teen Magazine offers advice about handling issues ranging from depression to drug and alcohol use. It also covers the best aspects of parenting a teen, like meeting their first boyfriend or girlfriend, understanding "teen speak," and bonding with your teen through their hobbies. You'll even get tips for teaching teens about money and how to be a safe driver.

Whether you're a parent yourself or would like to help a loved one through this meaningful journey, a parenting magazine subscription is a perfect option. Of course, it's easy to treat yourself to a subscription or purchase one as a gift with!