Muscle & Fitness HERS Magazine

Muscle & Fitness HERS Magazine

Published Quarterly 4 issues per year

Muscle & Fitness HERS is a fitness magazine for women who are interested in a lifestyle that involves optimal health, weight training, and sports nutrition.

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About Muscle & Fitness HERS

Since the first issue was published. Muscle & Fitness HERS has been one of the top go-to fitness magazines for women interested in improving their health and body through better nutritional habits, exercise, and weight training. Readers can expect to learn how to improve muscle mass, prepare healthy meals, and learn how the professionals are staying healthy and fit.

Every new issue of Muscle & Fitness HERS helps equip fitness fans and even the casual reader with knowledge they need to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Popular features that are found in every issue include workout routines, as well as suggestions for how to get the most from each workout, nutrition tips and advice on how to plan healthy meals, product reviews that cover supplements, apps, and other useful things to help you live your best life. Readers will also find features of celebrity fitness fiends and get an inside look at how they maintain their physique and overall health.

Any woman who loves fitness, health, and nutrition would benefit from a subscription to Muscle & Fitness HERS!

Issues Per Year: 4
Estimated Delivery: Up to 12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Quarterly
Publisher Name: American Media Inc

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