Outdoor Life Magazine

Outdoor Life Magazine

Published Monthly 12 issues per year

Outdoor Life is a wildlife and fishing magazine that provides interesting articles, tips and techniques, and gear reviews for fishing and hunting enthusiasts.

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About Outdoor Life

Outdoor Life has been offering high-quality hunting and fishing tips and articles since its initial publication in 1898. Over the years, famous figures like President Teddy Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, and Ernest Hemingway have contributed articles to Outdoor Life, making it one of the definitive publications for outdoor sports-minded readers.

In each issue of Outdoor Life, readers will find sections devoted to hunting and fishing, with tips for finding game and how to get the most from hunting and fishing trips. While the hunting section details where to find in season game, highlights scenic hunting locations, and offers articles and techniques for hunting ducks, deer, and more, the fishing section covers sports from saltwater fishing, to bass fishing, to fly fishing. Tips on the best locations and techniques are also included.

Readers interested in the latest gear will love the unbiased reviews of new products, guns, and ammo. Outdoor Life also features survival tips for long fishing and hunting trips, from which plants to eat and avoid, and how to make survival items from everyday objects. Other features of Outdoor Life include "This Happened to Me," which features harrowing close calls from hunters and fishers, and real-life adventures, which focus on reader's experiences while hunting and fishing.

Outdoor Life is the perfect magazine for outdoor sportsmen, as well as anyone with an interest in survival techniques, hunting, or fishing!

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