Outdoor Photography Magazine
Outdoor Photography Magazine

Outdoor Photography Magazine

Published Monthly 12 issues per year
Outdoor Photography is a photography magazine written for serious amateur and semi-professional photographers. More Info >>
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Additional Information

About Outdoor Photography

The magazine is the United Kingdom's leading magazine dedicated to landscape, nature, travel, and adventure photography. As the country's only print magazine for outdoor and nature photographers, it celebrates the British countryside and its wildlife.

Each monthly issue contains a wealth of information, such as in-depth features on techniques and guides to photographic locations around the country. Additional content includes insightful columns about techniques, equipment, and travel adventures; product testing and recommendations of cameras and accessories; news related to the industry, conservation, and the environment; and reader-submitted photos.

Some popular sections in the magazine include: "10 Questions," an interview with a featured photographer; "In the Spotlight," which traces a photographer's career timeline, noting crucial moments; "Nature Zone," an in-depth exploration of habitats and outdoor settings, including tips for photographing wildlife; "Out There," reviews of the latest photographic books and guides; and "Location Guide," which offers inspiration and all the necessary details for capturing your next great photo. Outdoor Photography's covers contain no headlines; they only showcase one stunning image. During the year, the magazine hosts an annual "Outdoor Photographer of the Year" competition, but otherwise prints no special issues.

Dedicated photographers with an interest in the United Kingdom would love a subscription to Outdoor Photography magazine!
Issues Per Year: 12
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Publishing Frequency: Monthly
Publisher Name: Magazine Cafe

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