Popular Science Magazine

Popular Science Magazine

Published Quarterly 4 issues per year

Popular Science puts the world of computers and electronics in your hands. Big features shine a light on creators and reveal the innovations that are shaping our lives. Geek out and seat yourself at the forefront of science and technology!

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About Popular Science

Popular Science is one of the oldest magazines in the world, having covered the latest trends in the science for more than a century. A wealth of knowledge and information is at your fingertips thanks to columns from some of the most most-brilliant people in the world, a team of passionate writers, and creative thinkers. Every page has something for kids and adults alike. Captivate your inner-curiosity with beautiful photography and gorgeous illustrations, easy to follow how-tos, and stories that are approachable yet complex.

Each issue covers topics ranging from animals and aviation to what's happening with the automobile, the latest Hollywood big-budget effects masterpiece, the green technology movement, living longer and healthier, how the military is getting smarter, and so much more. Start your next DIY project with the family and impress your friends on social media. Peak your interests with stories that cover what is happening in the world and why it matters.

Are you looking to hack your hobbies and learn new tips and tricks from the science experts? Want to know what makes the hottest gadgets of the year so special? Curious about the theories changing how we view the universe? Keep pace with the latest and greatest pushing the boundaries of what we thought was ever possible. Get prepared for the future and learn more about our past and present. Expand your mind, ask more questions, and learn something new about life. Dive into every edition for a big helping of brain-stimulating fun.

Quench your thirst for learning. Get a subscription to Popular Science!

Issues Per Year: 4
Estimated Delivery: Up to 12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Quarterly
Publisher Name: Bonnier Corp

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Customer Reviews


Popular Science Magazine Subscription

Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Jim. I’m a senior in high school and I love sports and science. I’m hoping to major in engineering next year in when I head off to college.

Popular Science is one of my favorite magazines because it is a great science and technology magazine. I always look forward to reading it. Popular Science covers a variety of sciences including: chemistry, astronomy, physics, biology, medicine and environmental science.

You can also expect to find regular articles on technology like space, robots and engineering and features on concept cars, gadgets like computers, smartphones and TVs. There are a lot of articles on how things work and new technologies that I find really interesting.

The well-written articles always give a good overview and decent scientific understanding of the topic, but aren’t so complex that I feel like I have to Google terms.

There’s also fun articles like the recent “hottest pepper ever” and spy-like sunglasses. I also really like reading about what’s new in the world of science and technology—from new discoveries to the latest hybrid car designs. Innovation in science and technology is thoroughly covered.

I also like the section called Projects, which highlights do-it-yourself instructions on how to make cool stuff like a motorized easy chair or something more practical like a nitrous-injected dining table. Popular Science really encourages its readers to be innovation—each year it holds a contest for inventors called the Invention Awards and features the winners in the magazine.

If you’re looking for a great gift for any guy or anyone interested in science and technology, I highly recommend a gift subscription to Popular Science magazine from Magazines.com.