Seventeen Magazine

Seventeen Magazine

Published Seasonally 5 issues per year

Seventeen is the top teen girls' beauty and fashion magazine that not only provides girls with the latest style tips and celebrity news, but also advice and guidance for relationships, college and what it means to be seventeen.

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About Seventeen

Being a teenager isn't easy - especially for girls. There's so much to worry about and so many questions. "What should I wear?" "What should I say to him?" "How do I look like that?" "What will college be like?" "Where will I go in life?" "Has this ever happened to anyone else?"

With age appropriate advice, tips and stories, Seventeen has the information teens want and need to love the life they live and feel confident in who they are.

Seventeen also publishes special issues like August's "Back-to-School Issue" and May's "Freebie Issue." Keep your eye out for other specials throughout the year! Seventeen is the perfect magazine for teenage girls who love fashion and style who want to look and feel their best. And with positive messages for young girls, parents will love it, too!

Issues Per Year: 5
Estimated Delivery: 6-12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Seasonally
Publisher Name: Hearst Communications

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Customer Reviews


Seventeen Magazine Subscription

Video Transcript
Hey there. I'm Kara Gause. I’m a full-time blogger and a full-time mom of twin girls. Which means I’m tired already!

I know I’m not exactly the target demographic for Seventeen magazine, but teaching teenagers for eight years kind of made it a staple for me. You know, getting into the mind of your “target customer,” so to speak. I think it's a great tool for parents. What are they talking about? What on earth is making them dress that way What music are they listening to? What are the favorite bands?

And it’s also wild to look back at a magazine you used to read as a kid -- see how it’s changed. A bit of a guilty pleasure, really. Reminds me of how I used to feel as a teenage girl. All my insecurities. I remember wanting to look like the girls in Seventeen, dress like them. Can’t imagine that’s changed for girls.

One feature of the magazine that is totally the same is all of those quizzes. “Is he cheating on you?” "Do you have an eating disorder?" “Does your BFF have your back?” It’s all totally self-indulgent and Narcissistic, but that’s where the mind of a teen is. It’s a time of self-discovery. Seventeen helps draw that out.

If you’re looking for a gift subscription for a teenager then I definitely suggest checking out the current Seventeen magazine subscription deals at

You also read more of my thoughts on the blog, my personal blog, or you can follow me on Twitter @masterofwhat.