Sports Illustrated Magazine

Sports Illustrated Magazine

Published Bi-Weekly 39 issues per year
Sports Illustrated magazine is a sports magazine that delivers full coverage of weekly sporting events and insightful editorial about the latest headlines. More Info >>
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Additional Information

About Sports Illustrated

Published since 1954, Sports Illustrated is dedicated to going beyond scores and statistics with in-depth features that highlight the athletes and stories across all sports that give meaning to the game. The magazine holds the distinction of being one of the first to recognize the popularity of professional football in America, and its valued scouting reports and recruiting coverage has enhanced the following of that sport.

Throughout the year, preview issues are published for all major sports, such as college basketball, college football, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball. The magazine regularly covers both college and professional sports for both men and women throughout the year. The first weekly full-color sports magazine in America, Sports Illustrated features stunning photography, as well. Every year since it was first published, Sports Illustrated has recognized a "Sportsman of the Year," who is also honored with a special issue. Another popular annual issue is the "Moments of the Year" as determined by fans. However, its most famous annual special issue is Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit Issue."

First published in 1964, it has evolved into its own business including TV shows, videos, and annual swimsuit calendars.

Sports fans looking for authoritative coverage of their favorite sports and the big games in all of them would enjoy a subscription to Sports Illustrated magazine!

Issues Per Year: 39
Estimated Delivery: 4-8 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Publisher Name: Meredith Corporation

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Customer Reviews


Sports Illustrated Magazine Subscription

Video Transcript
I’m Levi Weaver. I’m a Rangers & Mavericks fan and I still remember my first subscription to Sports Illustrated. I was seven or eight, and it came with a free VHS tape of the NFL films' best "Football Follies". At eight years old, that was like offering me a free car. But as the magazines continued to come in, I began to realize that the real treasure was not watching Terry Bradshaw try to tackle a defensive lineman, but the magazine itself.

What struck me first, even as a child, was the photography. From those mid-eighties shots of Dwight Gooden and Joe Montana to the more recent shots of my beloved Dallas Mavericks finally winning their first championship, I have never seen better sports photography than Sports Illustrated. Somehow, SI always seems to have a photographer in the right place at the right time to catch a running back mid-flight, or the face of a tennis player as they hit the winning shot.

Of course, photography alone is not enough to keep me entertained on a flight or a train ride, and that's why Sports Illustrated rises above the competitors: their writing is top-notch. Even as a child, (after checking out the photos) I would flip to the back page first for the special interest piece, then go back and read the Faces in the Crowd with hopes that someday I would accomplish some sporting triumph and see my face among those listed. After that, I would read magazine cover to cover. I haven't played sports in years, but I still do it this way.

As the Internet gave rise to sports blogs and sites, I wondered how Sports Illustrated would keep up. The answer is definitely the writing. You can get the facts from anywhere on the web, but the amount of research that goes into an SI story is second to none. They consistently force me to sit and spend way more time than I had intended, reading a magazine. Getting the facts right, getting the unexpected perspectives, telling the entire story; that's something you won't find in a box score and immediate recap, and it's what keeps me coming back to Sports Illustrated.

Thanks for checking out my Sports Illustrated subscription review at