The Economist Magazine

The Economist Magazine

Published Weekly 51 issues per year

The Economist is a news and politics magazine that provides fair, unbiased, in-depth analysis and information about issues related to the economy, society and politics worldwide.

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About The Economist

Established in 1843, The Economist remains true to its founding principles, including the belief in free trade, internationalism and minimum interference by government, especially in matters of the market. Today, the magazine covers domestic and international news, politics and business. And, so you'll be "in the know" before your colleagues, you'll receive your copy hot off the press each week.

Each issue of The Economist has sections dedicated to Africa, the Americas, Asia, Britain, China, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the United States. Regular features include: "Face Value," a section about prominent people in the business world; "Free Exchange," a column on general economics that is normally based on academic research; statistics on the economy; and an obituary. In addition, you'll find content on science and technology, as well as books and the arts.

Every other week, an in-depth special report is included on one of these main categories: Business, Countries and Regions, Economics, Finance, Science and Technology, and Other. Every three months, you'll receive a technology report titled "Technology Quarterly." And, your subscription includes special annual issues like "The World in [Year]" publication.

Talk about thorough ... The Economist does not skimp on substance!

Readers who enjoy in-depth, well-written analysis and information about the main business and political events of the week would enjoy a subscription to The Economist.

Issues Per Year: 51
Estimated Delivery: 4-6 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Weekly
Publisher Name: Economist Newspaper

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Customer Reviews


The Economist Magazine Subscription

Video Transcript
Hi. I’m Jay Clarke and I wanted to share a few of my thoughts about The Economist Magazine.

As President and CEO of, my days are filled with decisions that affect our company at all levels. Finding ways to grow our business that also correlate with the continued happiness of both our customers and employees is no small task so I’m always looking for great resources to help us along the way.

Free time is not something I get a lot of so I greatly value resources that skip on the fluff and push to provide balanced reporting with in-depth and intelligent analysis and insight on business and financial issues that affect us all.

The Economist magazine is one of the quality resources that I respect and can count on for unbiased and fair reporting on issues that matter to our company. Covering both domestic and international issues relating to business, finance, technology, science, current affairs and even the arts, it really is a great magazine full of useful information.

The magazine’s editorial staff does a great job of reporting the facts on whatever issue they’re covering and I also respect and appreciate that they’re not afraid to take a stand on issues that they clearly state and defend. Equally impressive is that while they can take a stance on a discussion, they are able to at the same time remain meticulously accurate, fair and balanced.

A subscription to The Economist also gives you access to more than a decades worth of articles published since 1997 on their website, as well as access to exclusive audio broadcasts.

If you’re like me and appreciate the value of a trustworthy business and financial resource, then a weekly subscription to The Economist is something that would make a good addition to your continued business, professional and personal growth.

Thank you so much for stopping by don’t hesitate contact us with any questions you may have. We’re always here to help.