The Weekly Standard Magazine

The Weekly Standard Magazine

Published Weekly 48 issues per year

The Weekly Standard is a news and politics magazine that keeps readers informed about cultural and societal issues with diverse, bold and witty commentary.

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About The Weekly Standard

Since its debut in 1995, The Weekly Standard continues to be a "must-read" for people with a strong interest in the political developments of the week. The journal is well-known for the critical thinking, rigorous thought, challenging ideas, well-thought-out opinions and compelling solutions it presents to society. The Weekly Standard's editorial is produced by first-class contributors who compose timely articles and features on politics and elections, defense and foreign policy, domestic policy and the courts, society, books, art and culture.

Each issue of The Weekly Standard covers current developments in politics with intellectual curiosity and thorough examination. This politically conservative journal delivers its editorial from a sophisticated perspective, but in its signature voice of boldness and wit. Readers appreciate the consistently thought-provoking opinion and engaging editorial that the journal's contributors provide in every issue. The Weekly Standard may publish special journal issues or sections throughout the year devoted to Congressional Agenda, Health Care, Energy Politics, Defense Policy, Summer Travel, Summer Books, Power Dining, Winter Travel, Holiday Books and Holiday Gift Guide.

Individuals who are interested in or engaged in politics will enjoy a subscription to The Weekly Standard.

Issues Per Year: 48
Estimated Delivery: 4-6 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Weekly
Publisher Name: The Weekly Standard

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