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TV Guide Magazine

Published Bi-Weekly 56 issues per year

TV Guide is a whole lot more than just your local listings of television programs. This entertainment magazine gives you an inside-look at your favorite shows and stars.

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About TV Guide

With TV Guide, you can become a television insider! Want a first look at that new season premiere? Need a preview of that upcoming series finale? TV Guide has all that and a lot more! Get an annual subscription to TV Guide and never miss the news behind your favorite broadcast, cable, syndicated, and online programming!

With TV Guide, you'll feel like you're a part of the show, from that first on-screen kiss to that epic battle scene. You'll be entertained, enlightened and inspired by the content in this magazine. TV Guide gives you VIP access into the exciting television industry. Find out the best and worst of this season's new shows.

Get an inside look at your favorite shows and stars. Get hooked on a blockbuster series. Enjoy a wide variety of coverage of comedy, drama, romance, fantasy, reality competitions, variety shows, daytime TV, late-night talk shows and more! You'll also be able to experience behind-the-scenes access on the set; read exclusive interviews with the stars; get red carpet coverge; enjoy entertaining crossword puzzles; and get all your local TV schedule listings. So what are you watching tonight?

Get your subscription to TV Guide today and open up the amazing world of television!

Issues Per Year: 56
Estimated Delivery: 4-8 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Publisher Name: Shain & Oringer

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TV Guide Magazine Subscription

Video Transcript
Hi. I’m TV Guide and Hollywood 411 host Patricia Lopez here to tell you a little bit about what a TV Guide subscription can offer you.

The great thing about the new TV Guide is that it’s much more than just TV listings. TV Guide offers up their top five picks of the week, entertaining letters from hardcore TV viewers, and fascinating polls on today’s most relevant social topics like “Should Donald Trump run for president?” and “What did you think of the royal wedding?”

One of my favorite sections is the TV Insider, which offers the latest scoop on popular shows. The TV Insider might offer up anything from a week in the life of the American Idol contestants to information on what shows are on the bubble and in danger of cancelation.

The actual guide section of TV Guide, not only gives a day by day listing of prime time shows, but there also highlights and behind the scenes pictures. TV Guide even has sections devoted to Daytime TV and sports highlights for the week. Of course no TV Guide would be complete without a crossword puzzle and horoscope. And last but not least, the Cheers & Jeers section helps to sum up all the high points and low points from the previous week in television. Now tell me, can your cable box’s channel guide give you all that? is always pushing to bring you the best prices on magazine subscriptions and with the current offers on this title you’ll see that TV Guide is no exception. Don’t forget to catch me covering events for Hollywood 411 on the TV Guide channel and follow me on Twitter @patylonglegs to keep up with what’s happening in entertainment and music. Bye!