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Hi. I’m TV & Radio host Patricia Lopez.
I love working in entertainment and I love magazines. When I get a few minutes to sit down and relax, one of the first magazines I grab is People. Part of the beauty of People Magazine is that it allows me to get completely immersed in a story, but also I can also finish reading each article quickly. So when those inevitable distractions do come about, I can put the magazine down, deal with the problem and easily get back to my reading.

People magazine has the perfect mix of celebrity coverage and human interest stories. The articles really do have mass appeal; we always leave the issue on the coffee table and almost everyone who comes to our home picks it up and flips through. The magazine’s coverage is so vast that it really can be enjoyed by anyone.

Other magazines have sensational headlines, which are obviously an attempt to get people to buy their product. People is different. The information seems more factual, and quotes are always from a real person, not “a source close to the couple.” People Magazine simply tells a story, many times in the voice of the subject, and often providing perspective that can’t be found other places in the media.

And of course, the photographs in People are great to look at too. They are usually accompanied by cleverly written blurbs which explain the photo while also informing the reader about what each celebrity is up to, whether it be filming a movie or enjoying a Hawaiian adventure. It is aspirational, without being obnoxious.

The section called “Heroes Among Us” is aspirational in a different way. It showcases regular people who do extraordinary things. When I read this section, I am often inspired to become a better person.

Most importantly, I feel that I can trust People Magazine. I don’t doubt that the information they are giving me is accurate. I value the recommendations they provide, whether it be in fashion or book and movie reviews. Somehow, People Magazine has become the voice of a friend.

If you’re looking for a good read that covers this wide range of celebrity and human interest stories then I definitely suggest checking out the current People subscription offers at
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Hi. I’m TV and radio host Patricia Lopez.
Even though I have lots of choices about how and where I get my news from, I continue to turn to Time magazine. Like everyone else, I get tired of being bombarded by news on the Internet and TV and enjoy the fact that I can sit down and read my Time magazine at home.

The first thing I do when I get my latest Time magazine issue is read the “Milestones” column. It’s one page of historical moments and blurbs about significant cultural events. Usually I learn about something I can’t easily find anywhere else just from reading this page. In my opinion the job of a weekly news magazine is to go a step beyond newspapers to provide a more balanced and analytical view. Time does a great job in this respect.

Its coverage is both proactive—covering topics that need to be exposed and reactive—providing commentary on important events across the globe. I also really enjoy Time’s coverage of pop culture. I can trust their movie, book and album reviews. I appreciate the diversity of Time’s reporting and the mix of articles. And it’s not just politics; Time has regular coverage of art, community, health and religion. While providing humorous, lightweight sections that are great, quick reads.

In addition to the reporting and writing, Time always has outstanding photos, diagrams and infographics that make detailed articles more comprehensible. I enjoy this magazine’s visual design as much as the information. Still, my favorite issues are the special issues that focus on the big picture of one subject—environment, community, invention, new leaders or the Time 100 that highlights the most influential people in their fields; the list goes beyond business and politics and includes artists.

Thank you so much for checking out the current Time magazine subscription deals today at If you have any questions please give a call to 1-800-MAGAZINES or send an email to
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Hi. I’m Patricia Lopez, here at to tell you a little about Entertainment Weekly Magazine. Entertainment Weekly is an excellent resource for all that’s hot in pop culture. From music and movies to television and books, Entertainment Weekly covers it all. One of my favorite things about Entertainment Weekly is their Must List, which is a weekly list of the top ten things that they love in entertainment. It helps me find new movies, TV shows, DVDs, CDs, and books that I might have otherwise overlooked.

As a movie buff, my absolute favorite issues of Entertainment Weekly are their Summer and Fall movie preview issues. I love to see their sneak peaks, feature articles, and reviews about upcoming blockbusters. Their Critical Mass chart lets me easily scan the grades assigned by various critics to new movie releases, so I know which flicks are worth seeing over the weekend. The Box Office Chart is also fun to see where my favorite movies are stacking up.

One section that always makes me laugh is the TV sound bites, which highlights some of the funniest and most unusual quotes from the week in television. Their What To Watch guide also gives a great overview of some of the upcoming highlights on various shows. And their weekly ratings chart lets me know if my favorite shows are in the top 25. In addition to movie and TV news, Entertainment Weekly also devotes a couple pages to music and book reviews. They cover everything from bestsellers to some of the more unusual releases.

While there are other magazines out there covering movies, television, and music nobody else covers it all like Entertainment Weekly does in one magazine. It’s a one-stop source for everything in pop culture. And it really is a fun read, right up to the very last page, which is called The Bullseye. The Bullseye is a handy recap of all the hits and misses from the week in pop culture news.

An Entertainment Weekly subscription is perfect for anyone who loves music, movies, television, and books. And with the current subscription offers at it’s a great way to keep up-to-date with everything going on in the world of entertainment.
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Hi. I’m TV and Radio host Patricia Lopez here at to tell you why I love my US Weekly Magazine subscription. Working in entertainment, it’s my job to always be up-to-date on what’s going in Hollywood.

Now while there are a lot of great entertainment magazines out there, I really love the insider information I get when my US Weekly arrives. Not only does it cover the award shows and red carpets, it goes a step further and takes you behind the scenes, backstage, into the dressing rooms and into the after parties. While US magazine covers the juicy Hollywood tidbits like who’s dating who, who’s doing big things, and who’s up to no good, I love that they dig a little deeper to give us more than just the Hollywood news by also showing us ways to incorporate a little Hollywood glitz and glam into our own lives.

With US Magazine, it’s not just about covering celebrity style and showing what the stars are wearing. It’s taking it a step further and showing me how I can get that same look for less without the movie star paychecks coming in! From celebrity fashion to health, beauty, diet & fitness advice from the stars, I love that US Weekly really gives everyone a way to put a little Hollywood glitz into their own lives.

If you love breaking celebrity news, movies, music, television, fashion and entertainment then I definitely suggest checking out the current US Weekly subscription deals going on here at

I’m Patricia Lopez and thanks for stopping by!
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Hi. I’m Patricia Lopez. Being a “foodie” who loves to cook but is always short on time is hard. What’s worse is trying to sort through piles of cooking magazines to find a new recipe quickly when you should already be out the door. Luckily, Food Network magazine came along to save me!

I already loved the channel, so picking up the magazine was a no-brainer for me. Food Network magazine is fantastic because in the first few pages, I’m given not only a recipe index with pictures (great for all you picky eaters out there) but also a celebrity index as well. Let’s face it; if I’m in a hurry to find a light recipe, it’s nice to know I can skip Paula Deen’s recipes on pages 40-45. Also, there are clearly labeled sections for weeknight cooking and weekend cooking so I know not to even think about certain areas of the magazine if I need a quick fix.

Now, here’s what I love even more about my Food Network magazine subscription. Let’s say that magical afternoon does come where I can sit down and finally read all the magazines I’ve been saving up. It’s perfect for that too. I can easily spend hours flipping through the recipes, chef features, and travel specials in each issue. My must read article each month is the “Copy That” recipe. I also love the Food Network Kitchens section in each issue where they do their very best to replicate a famous restaurant dish and it’s always right on. It’s great to surprise friends with a favorite restaurant meal at home while looking like a kitchen rock star! Food Network magazine really captures the personalities of its chefs and shows, and I’m always excited to see its bright cover in my mailbox each month.

So whether you’re a closet wannabe gourmet chef, a busy mom looking for ways to keep your picky kids eating, or maybe both, then a Food Network Magazine subscription should be right up your alley.
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Hi. I’m TV/Radio host Patricia Lopez here to tell you a little bit about how Cosmopolitan magazine has fit into my life over the years.

Every issue of Cosmopolitan is jammed packed with the hottest fashion trends, latest beauty tricks and helpful tips to spice up your relationship. I feel like the main focus for Cosmo is to deliver up-to-date, fun content women really want to read. And Cosmo delivers juicy articles on juicy topics every time! If fashion, dating or beauty is not your thing Cosmo also offers great articles on bettering your career, staying fit, eating healthy and in-depth features on cultural issues, domestic violence and much more. This magazine really has something for everyone even men, who secretly read Cosmo for the relationship tips and advice. I’ve heard lots of men say this is one resource where they learned a thing or to about how to keep a woman happy!

One of my favorite features to read each month are the confessions. Women and men share their most embarrassing moments and shocking secrets. I can’t put the magazine down once I start reading them, they are hilarious! I’m just glad I’ve never had a personal experience worth writing about….well, at least not one that I care to share in public. One warning I will give any new Cosmo reader; you may not want to leave this magazine sitting on the coffee table if your grandmother is visiting. The cover taglines can be quite uncensored at times, which may bring on all shades of red to your face.

With the current Cosmo subscription deals at there’s no better way to get your fix of great fashion, health, celebrity and relationship news every month. Thanks for visiting
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Hi. I’m Patricia Lopez here to give you a few of my thoughts on Women’s Health magazine. Women’s Health is a great well-rounded magazine. Don’t let the title mislead you. It’s about total wellness, not just good health.

I mainly read Women’s Health for the health, nutrition and fitness advice. From an expert Q&A, to short blurbs and multi-page articles, the magazine provides a lot of great information in whatever format you like. And of course, I appreciate that it is focused on women. There are special reports on women’s health issues about breast cancer, hormones and other medical topics that predominately affect women.

Women’s Health also does a great job communicating exercise advice. There are always step-by-step photos to provide some visual direction for recommended exercise routines like weightlifting and resistance exercises. It also provides great day-to-day workout and diet plans that are easy to follow, understand and implement. There’s also a focus on weight-management strategies with healthful recipes for everyday meals and low-calorie options for entertaining. And much like Weight Watchers, Women’s Health includes weight loss success stories from its readers, which I find helpful and inspiring. Other topics Women’s Health focuses on include sex and relationships as well as a great regular column called “Life Skills,” which deals with strategies for dealing with stress at work. A recent Life Skills article I found helpful was “ways to manage your manager.”

The tone of every issue is smart and positive, and emphasizes practical tips on how to stay on track with staying healthy and trying to achieve balance in your life. A Women’s Health subscription is really a great addition to any woman’s monthly reading list and the great deals at make it that much easier to make it a part of yours.
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Hi. I’m Patricia Lopez.

When I first picked up a copy of Good Housekeeping I thought it was going to feature articles that I couldn’t relate to and honestly, content that was only for Moms. I was wrong. It has great, relevant articles that apply to any woman, relationship and home. If you’re thinking about getting a subscription to Good Housekeeping, let me share some of the things I love about the magazine.

For starters, it’s easy-to-read. When I first get my issue, I enjoy scanning the “What’s in this issue” page, which lists everything in the issue by subject. I also appreciate the recipes index—after I’ve read through the entire magazine I can go straight for the recipes index to make my weekly grocery list. I also like that cover headlines are called out on the Contents page so that so I can find the cover story quickly and read it first. That’s a HUGE pet peave of mine when a cover line pulls me in and then I have to search through a magazine to find the store. That’s definitely never an issue with this title.

I really appreciate that Good Housekeeping is consumer-focused with its test kitchen at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute where they test each recipe at least three times before giving the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. When I see a product has the Good Housekeeping seal of approval, I know I can trust it as a quality product. There’s even a tech section made just for us, which usually highlights how to buy a gadget. A recent example would be a report on "The Best Cell Phones for Women."

“Good Enough Housekeeping” is one of my favorite regular departments. From practical tips on organizing my hall closet or a quick DIY decorating idea, it’s information I can use. There are no fussy or complicated projects here. Even their celebrity interviews dig a little deeper than your usual magazine. After I read the interview I feel like I’ve gotten a sense of the real person behind the celebrity.

If that sounds like a magazine you’d enjoy then be sure to check out the Good Housekeeping subscription deals here at If you have any questions at all just call 1-800-MAGAZINES, or send an email to and the customer service team is always ready to help.
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Hi. I’m Patricia Lopez.
Spending my days as a TV and Radio host means I always have to keep up-to-date on the latest celebrity news and gossip. There are some great publications I turn to so I can stay on top of what’s happening in Hollywood and one of my favorites is In Touch Weekly magazine.

There can definitely be a fine line between news and fluff when it comes to covering celebrities and one of the reasons I’m a fan of In Touch is because the magazine manages to fill its pages with celebrity driven articles and photography without the tabloid nonsense you see in so many outlets covering entertainment.

A weekly subscription to In Touch magazine is a great way to keep up with all the latest and greatest from Tinsel Town. Especially as we go about our busy lives, I really appreciate the way that In Touch provides all the need-to-know stories in a way that’s quick and easy to digest.

I want and need to know what’s going on, but I also don’t have hours to spend reading through celebrity magazines. Their stories are factual and to the point. And I also have to mention that every issue is packed with great quality photos while not being overly saturated with ads like so many magazines out there

So if you love keeping up with everything happening in Hollywood, fashion and entertainment, but don’t want to break the bank then a subscription to In Touch Weekly is a great way for you to stay informed.

I know that is always available to help answer any questions you might have so please feel free to send an email to or call 1-800-Magazines. Thanks and take care.
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Hi. I’m Patricia Lopez.
If you’re interested in a subscription to Better Homes & Gardens I’d love to take a minute to tell you a little about what I love most about the magazine. For starters, it has a great focus on family and for me the definition of home is family. The fact that I can always read about how to make my home more organized, efficient and comfortable for my family and friends is why I enjoy reading Better Homes & Gardens.

My favorite section of the magazine is the Better section, which highlights ways to improve your life with topics like the latest allergy updates and recommended vacation spots depending on your family’s personality. Recommended products are featured here too and Better Homes & Gardens focuses on presenting the best consumer products available. It even has an annual ‘best products’ awards as judged by its readers.

I also love the decorating advice. The ideas are always creative, simple and budget-friendly covering tips like 50 ways to boost your style with paint, paper and fabric, or fresh ways to summarize your home. And you have to love the recipes the magazine features. They are always healthful and rarely complicated. I appreciate that each issue usually highlights a new way to use ingredients, like sunflower seeds or ginger and highlights ways I can use leftovers.

The “I Did It” column on the last page of each issue is also a great read. This column features home and garden projects readers have successfully pulled off by themselves, like a backyard garden makeover or creating a craft space out of an empty closet.

Thank you so much for checking out Better Homes and Gardens today at If you’re interested in subscribing, or have any questions please give a call to the customer service team at 1-800-MAGAZINES or send an email to
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Hi. I’m TV & Radio host Patricia Lopez and I know I’m not alone when I say that I love Oprah. Her show was always tops on my DVR priority list so her magazine has naturally gained a special place on my monthly reading list.

If you’re thinking about a subscription to Oprah Magazine let me tell you why I think you’ll love it. The magazine covers serious topics like health, relationships and career but also covers fun stuff like fashion, books and entertainment. It’s really a whole life magazine, meaning there are articles about anything and everything about life, not just a single focus.

If you’re looking for practical ways to improve yourself and the world, this is a good resource. I especially like how Oprah Magazine handles celebrity topics. In addition to the usual celebrity interview, celebrities are featured in the “Books That Made a Difference,” column in which they talk about their favorite books and are also regularly featured in the column “Aha! Moment,” in which they talk about a turning point, sometimes a major failure, in their lives or careers.

“Live Your Best Life” is a regular column that includes different views that inspire, motivate and celebrate various walks of life while “Feeling Good” includes health, fitness news and tips. I also like the regular advice columns from Suze Orman on money, Dr. Phil on relationships, Dr. Oz on health and Peter Walsh on home organizing.

Even though she appears on the cover of every issue, O magazine isn’t all about Oprah. But she does include two columns in every issue. “O Zone” talks about new things going on in Oprah’s world and highlights new shows on Oprah’s OWN network. “What I Know for Sure” is the last page and is written by Oprah that focuses on a single theme like family, humility or gratitude.

Thank you for stopping by today to check out Oprah magazine. If you have any questions please call 1-800-MAGAZINES or send an email to
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Hi. I’m TV & radio host Patricia Lopez. If you’re thinking about a subscription to Woman’s Day magazine let me share with you a few of the great things about this publication.

What first comes to mind for me? Woman’s Day magazine doesn’t flaunt anyone famous on the cover month after month, but the practical tips inside are empowering enough to make anyone feel like a superwoman. Generally, the content is based on living well, being well and eating well. Within those three very broad categories are tips on just about anything a woman needs to know about managing a well-balanced life.

Getting homes organized and finances in order are popular topics in every issue. And there’s always an easy craft project that can add a personal or seasonal touch to any décor. The beauty and fitness tips you’d find in other magazines are presented here too, along with plenty of easy-to-follow steps and affordable product recommendations. And, like the others, they’re still guaranteed to boost your hair’s shine and flatten those abs fast.

The magazine’s well-developed food section covers a little bit of everything too, from must-know nutrition tips and easy no-cook meals to classics and cool desserts to help beat the summer heat. If you like to plan ahead, there’s plenty of manageable menus for holiday meals and weeknight dinners as well. But most of the content is dedicated to emotional and physical health. Topics in recent issues include assessing relationships and when to let go of them, and how military spouses rely on each other to get through deployments until their loved ones return home.

At its core, Woman’s Day helps readers find a little “me” time, ultimately making that balance between a busy and fulfilling life possible. If that sounds like a good read to you, and believe me it is, then take a look at the current Woman’s Day subscription offers at Thanks for stopping by!
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I’m Levi Weaver. I’m a Rangers & Mavericks fan and I still remember my first subscription to Sports Illustrated. I was seven or eight, and it came with a free VHS tape of the NFL films' best "Football Follies". At eight years old, that was like offering me a free car. But as the magazines continued to come in, I began to realize that the real treasure was not watching Terry Bradshaw try to tackle a defensive lineman, but the magazine itself.

What struck me first, even as a child, was the photography. From those mid-eighties shots of Dwight Gooden and Joe Montana to the more recent shots of my beloved Dallas Mavericks finally winning their first championship, I have never seen better sports photography than Sports Illustrated. Somehow, SI always seems to have a photographer in the right place at the right time to catch a running back mid-flight, or the face of a tennis player as they hit the winning shot.

Of course, photography alone is not enough to keep me entertained on a flight or a train ride, and that's why Sports Illustrated rises above the competitors: their writing is top-notch. Even as a child, (after checking out the photos) I would flip to the back page first for the special interest piece, then go back and read the Faces in the Crowd with hopes that someday I would accomplish some sporting triumph and see my face among those listed. After that, I would read magazine cover to cover. I haven't played sports in years, but I still do it this way.

As the Internet gave rise to sports blogs and sites, I wondered how Sports Illustrated would keep up. The answer is definitely the writing. You can get the facts from anywhere on the web, but the amount of research that goes into an SI story is second to none. They consistently force me to sit and spend way more time than I had intended, reading a magazine. Getting the facts right, getting the unexpected perspectives, telling the entire story; that's something you won't find in a box score and immediate recap, and it's what keeps me coming back to Sports Illustrated.

Thanks for checking out my Sports Illustrated subscription review at
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Hi, I’m Jill of Franklin, Tenn. I’m a wife and mom of three teenagers.

My favorite magazine is Real Simple. It’s simple. Really. Every time I get it in the mail, it sits on our kitchen table for a couple of days before I have time to even open it, and I just admire the cover.

The photography and the look and feel of Real Simple make each issue a pleasure to thumb through. Maybe it’s a vintage chair by a hanging red dress in a perfectly organized closet. The cover of Real Simple is always stunning. Most of all, I love how things come together in Real Simple. Sure, there are lots of clever tips for getting things organized, prepared or finished, but there are also stories about the rest of life. Articles on health, financial and professional matters are included as are suggestions for relaxing and having fun.

I have to mention the recipes. They’re easy and quick, which is perfect for me. I love the front-of-each-issue section called New Uses for Old Things. The ideas are sometimes brilliant, sometimes odd and sometimes downright crazy. I can store my jewelry in an ice cube tray? Really? I can take a scratch out of a wood floor by rubbing a walnut over it, releasing its natural oils? It’s this mix of depth and minimalism that makes Real Simple just what it is—real and simple.

Thanks for checking out the Real Simple Magazine subscription offers today at If you have any questions please call 1-800-MAGAZINES or send an email to Thanks so much for stopping by!
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Hi. I’m Jay Clarke and I wanted to share a few of my thoughts about The Economist Magazine.

As President and CEO of, my days are filled with decisions that affect our company at all levels. Finding ways to grow our business that also correlate with the continued happiness of both our customers and employees is no small task so I’m always looking for great resources to help us along the way.

Free time is not something I get a lot of so I greatly value resources that skip on the fluff and push to provide balanced reporting with in-depth and intelligent analysis and insight on business and financial issues that affect us all.

The Economist magazine is one of the quality resources that I respect and can count on for unbiased and fair reporting on issues that matter to our company. Covering both domestic and international issues relating to business, finance, technology, science, current affairs and even the arts, it really is a great magazine full of useful information.

The magazine’s editorial staff does a great job of reporting the facts on whatever issue they’re covering and I also respect and appreciate that they’re not afraid to take a stand on issues that they clearly state and defend. Equally impressive is that while they can take a stance on a discussion, they are able to at the same time remain meticulously accurate, fair and balanced.

A subscription to The Economist also gives you access to more than a decades worth of articles published since 1997 on their website, as well as access to exclusive audio broadcasts.

If you’re like me and appreciate the value of a trustworthy business and financial resource, then a weekly subscription to The Economist is something that would make a good addition to your continued business, professional and personal growth.

Thank you so much for stopping by don’t hesitate contact us with any questions you may have. We’re always here to help.
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Hi. I’m Adam, a Sr. Manager in the marketing group here at

I think one of the earliest magazines I remember seeing is National Geographic. My dad has subscribed to National Geographic for decades and I can remember paging through the issues before I could even read that articles. Those incredible pictures of these far away places just captured my attention from such an early age and I’ve been a fan of the magazine ever since.

I think we all wish we could travel the world, but there’s just way too much to see and way too little time in which to see it. Life always seems to get in the way of my childhood fantasies of exploring far-flung corners of the world, but through the pages of National Geographic I’m able to get as close as I possibly can from the comfort of my favorite chair. From discovering fascinating cultures past and present, to the incredible variety of life on earth and the mysteries of our universe, I’ve also learned about a lot things I wouldn’t have otherwise known about or understood.

The writing in National Geographic always surprises me with new things I had never really thought of before, like the environmental impact of our soon-to-be 7 billion human population… the frailties of the aging U.S. electrical grid... and Afghanistan’s deadly opium wars.

National Geographic really is what I would call a complete magazine. The photographs are beautiful and compelling, the in-depth articles are both colorfully and expertly written, and the content totally absorbs my interest. As one of the biggest magazines in the U.S., National Geographic has millions of readers and many of them keep their issues to read again and to share with others. My dad still has a huge section of his bookcase devoted to his library of National Geographic issues. And that loyal readership is there because the magazine never sacrifices the integrity of the coverage or presentation, and still always manages to keep the look and the content fresh, current, and engaging. National Geographic has been a leading publication for more than 120 years around the globe: it’s simply one of the best written, best produced, and engaging reads on the market.

A National Geographic magazine subscription is a great resource for anyone who wants to fuel a passion for learning about the world—whether it’s the environment or cultures, or anything else that captures your interest. If that sounds interesting to you then take a look at the current National Geographic subscription deals we have at and feel free to give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES, or send us an email to with any questions you might have. Thanks for stopping by!
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Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m a junior in high school. I get my fashion fix with InStyle. Fashion designers and photographers are highlighted in a way I can’t find in any other magazine.

I love the attitude of the magazine, which is informative and encourages me in a down to earth way that I can be stylish regardless of my budget. It also encourages me that style is more than just fashion; it’s a form of expressing who I am.

Each issue of InStyle starts with the section “What's Now," a fun round-up of what's new and exciting in the world of fashion. Then it's on to "The Look," and its unique take on what celebrities are wearing.

While InStyle does a great job of highlighting celebrity styles, it also focuses on trends that I can relate to in the section "Your Look." Each month a different piece of clothing is highlighted: Find your perfect jeans, shirtdress or loafers—the clothes change monthly, but the advice remains the same—focus on fit.

I also love InStyle’s coverage of awards shows, especially the Oscars. The magazine always weighs in on who wowed the crowds or who missed the mark.

If you love fashion as much as I do, be sure to check out the great Instyle subscription deals at Thanks and take care!
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Hi, I’m Philip. I’m in the 7th grade and I love sports, especially baseball, football and basketball. My favorite baseball teams are the Braves and the Yankees.

I like Sports Illustrated Kids and this magazine helps me know what’s going on with all my favorite teams and athletes. I really like when the pros talk about tips and what it takes to be a star athlete. There are also quizzes and games in each issue that are a lot of fun.

I like that SI Kids magazine also talks about things like setting goals and overcoming challenges. They write about ways to be your best and live a healthy life. That makes me feel inspired cause my dream is to play in the MLB.

I also like the pictures a lot and every issue also has a 2-page mini-poster, sometimes of my favorite athletes. A subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids also gets you some other cool special issues. My favorites are the NFL, MLB and NBA previews. There’s also a double issue with a guide to cool stuff for the holidays and a highlight of the Sportskid of the Year. I really like that another kid gets to be in the magazine.

The magazine is really fun. I really love sports. So if you know a young sports fan like me, I think you should order them an SI Kids magazine subscription from right now. Thanks!
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Hi. I’m Christen from
Woman’s World magazine’s title pretty much sums it up: If it’s part of a woman’s world, it’s covered every week here.
If you’re a slave to fashion, but not quite supermodel thin, it doesn’t matter. Woman’s World offers advice to real women and shows you don’t have to be a size 2 to look good—and feel good about yourself.
If cooking is more your style, then this magazine puts new recipes in your hands every week. And they range from gourmet tastes to old-fashioned Sunday suppers. Even savvy bakers will find creative decorating ideas here. And if you’d rather be creative outside the kitchen, there’s lots of crafting suggestions. From decorating your home to reviving an old treasure, a range of do-it-yourself talents is covered.
If you’re like most, saving money is a hot topic these days, and this magazine understands that. If you like news you can use, you’re sure to find it here, among tips like how like how to ward off cancer or how to age gracefully. If you love a good story, this is one of my sources for inspirational tales about women who’ve transformed their lives.
Ultimately, a Woman’s World magazine subscription offers something of interest to women of all backgrounds, talents and ages.
Thanks for stopping by today. If you have any questions please give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES. You can also now find us on Twitter and Facebook. Whatever you need, we are happy to help!
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Hi. My name is Levi Weaver.

Rolling Stone is not just a magazine, they are an institution. You never hear it brought up in a conversation where someone asks "Rolling…what?" It's like MTV, Google, Chevrolet, The Dallas Cowboys, …Rolling Stone. It's been a part of our culture for so long now that even in the internet age, this name is synonymous with the biggest names in the music scene.

The biggest acts, the most-coveted festival tickets, the newest videos, the best photos - you're always going to find those in this magazine and on their website. And it will be that way for as long as we have magazines and musicians. Every kid who picks up a guitar or a microphone wants to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

On the other hand, most non-entertainers want to avoid it. And that's really where Rolling Stone shines above and beyond other music magazines; it takes that rock and roll ethos and aims it outward. Do you want to read about rebel fighters in Latin America? How about a scathing exposé on some of the bailout CEOs? Curious what's going on with the Presidential candidates? All of this has absolutely nothing to do with The Edge's guitar pedalboard or the latest Bon Iver release (those are there, too), but it fits. It's not just a glitzy photobook about rock stars.

Of course, at its core, Rolling Stone is, and always has been, a music magazine. Reviews of the latest releases (not just music, but movies, DVDs, and books), interviews, articles… they're all there like you'd expect. And honestly, the reason you expect it is because that has been Rolling Stone's way from the beginning.

New music magazines come and go, and some of them are really excellent, but this standard was set decades ago. Rolling Stone always manages to pry something else, something new, something more personal out of artists, and that, really, is the crux of it.

We still look up to rock stars, on some level, and to have a glimpse into how they think and feel; that's still something that keeps your attention.

Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to check out my Rolling Stone magazine subscription review.
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I’m Nikki from
Want your kid to have a break from his precious screen time but bypass the wails of boredom, and pestering his brother? Look no further than Highlights magazine. You remember it, right? That great activity magazine you got to work through when all your schoolwork was done. I know I went looking for it not to long ago for my kids, and I’m so glad I can introduce my guys to such a goldmine of entertainment!
Do yourself a favor. Your kids will be so consumed with Highlights’ puzzles and games that they probably won’t even realize it’s learning wrapped in fun – that they can do themselves!, Shh… That’s the sound of peace and quiet in your home.
Aside from all the fun that Highlights has delivered for generations, your kids will be also exposed to features on other kids from around the world. But perhaps the very best part of the kids’ magazine is its annual “State of the Kid Report,” which surveys kids on topics like bullying and , what they believe worries their parents, and even gender roles.
A magazine that makes your kids more aware of the world surrounding them AND gives you back some sanity is a win-win for everyone. Thanks for checking out my review of Highlights magazine and the current subscription discounts and offers on this great title from
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I’m Tami from I wanted to tell you a few of the reasons I read Runner’s World magazine.

Between my busy days here in the marketing group at, and chasing my 3 yr. old around at home it’s not always easy to find a lot of “me” time. But no matter what kind of a day I’m having, once I lace up my running shoes and head out the door, it only take a couple of minutes before I start feeling the stress flush out of my body.

Whether it’s a quick 20 minute loop, or a more leisurely 60 min jog it’s always easy to adapt to my hectic schedule. But running is more than just a stress reliever. It’s also the main way I stay in shape.

When I started reading Runner’s World I quickly began to find ways to start getting more out of my run time. I mean, if you’re going to make the effort to get out there it just makes sense to get as much benefit from your runs as you can, don’t you think?

From training tips and techniques from the pros, to reviews of the latest shoes, to recipes and nutritional advice to put more energy in your tank, Runner’s World magazine is packed full of information to help you not only run longer and faster, but maybe even more importantly, to run smarter.

The magazine also features inspirational stories to keep you motivated and encouraged on those days you may want to talk yourself out of your run, as well as local and national race event info for those times you want to challenge yourself along with your fellow runners.

Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner, an occasional 4 miler, or just trying to get started running for the first time, a Runner’s World subscription is something you’d definitely appreciate.

Thanks for visiting us at
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Hi. I’m Adam from
There’s so much great reading available out there when it comes to magazines, but for anyone who loves the outdoors, you’d be hard pressed to find a more entertaining and resourceful magazine to subscribe to than Field & Stream.
There are plenty of reasons that this is a favorite read for so many sportsmen and women out there. Whether your passion is hunting, fishing, or if you’re just a general outdoor enthusiast, every issue of Field and Stream magazine is packed full of gear reviews, tips, and tactics to make you a better outdoorsman. The intelligent, well-written articles and features will keep you both entertained and informed.
Some of my favorite sections include the monthly Bullet Points with news and information from the experts, and the Reader Tips section where I always find some great new tips.
Now I’m not a hunter, but growing up in Minnesota I do love to fish and this definitely one of my top reads on the subject. Aside from the obvious things most fisherman love to read about with gear and tips, I love the featured pieces each month, especially the variation of locations and types of fishing the magazine covers. One month you may be reading about fly fishing for salmon from a kayak in Alaska, the next you’re caught up in a story about chasing catfish on the Mississippi, to then going after big stripers in the Rhode Island surf. It really covers the full spectrum of fishing styles and locations, which is something I genuinely appreciate and I’m sure the hunting enthusiast would say the same.
So if you’re looking for a great sportsman’s magazine you can’t go wrong with Field & Stream magazine, especially with the current subscription discounts and offers at
Thanks for stopping by the site.
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Hi. I’m TV and radio personality Patricia Lopez.
Reader’s Digest magazine has been a fixture on coffee tables for decades and yes, it’s still around and it’s still relevant, even winning the National Magazine Award for general excellence a few years ago, one of the top awards in the magazine industry.

If you think it’s too wholesome or conservative, I’m here to tell you to look beyond these stereotypes. Reader’s Digest is full of stories you can’t find anywhere else in one place, like profiles on average citizens that risk their lives to save others or people overcoming extreme obstacles to reach an honorable dream. It’s a great change of pace from the standard pop-culture and celebrity news and you’ll get to read about real people who are everyday heroes.

Another reason to love Reader’s Digest is the content isn’t always serious. There are lighthearted quotes, comics and anecdotes sprinkled throughout the magazine that remind me us to laugh. Not to mention the frequent upbeat cover stories like The World’s Dumbest Criminals, Celebrities, Lawsuits and more. It may sound nerdy, but the Word Power quiz is also pretty entertaining. It’s a simple thing but so much fun. Where else would learn the definition of the noun trug? (FYI - It’s a shallow basket, in case you were wondering.)

It’s also a true digest and the advice is practical, not sensational. There are no overwhelming lists like "30 ways to cook healthy" or "20 ways to lose 10 pounds" here. This magazine has plenty of advice and tips, like insurance polices you don’t need, or secrets of emergency rooms.

If a Reader’s Digest subscription sounds like the type of publication you’re looking for then be sure to check out the great subscription deals at And don’t hesitate to call 1-800-MAGAZINES with any questions you might have. Thanks for stopping by the site!
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Hi. I’m Adam. When I’m not busy working in the marketing department here at, you can probably find me working on some type of home improvement project at my house.

As any homeowner knows, there’s always something that needs fixing in any house. While you can always hire someone to come in to do the job, anyone who’s been faced with a repair bill knows that the costs can add up pretty quickly. For me, that’s where Family Handyman magazine fits helps me the most. Fixing up things around our house started as a way to save money, but now I actually love getting my hands dirty at home. I take a lot of pride in being able to say that I built that, or I fixed this.

The toughest part of any repair or home improvement project is learning how to do it the right way. There are a lot of resources out there, but there’s also a lot of misinformation. What you don’t want to do is spend time, energy and money on something that you’ll have to get re-do down the road. My Family Handyman subscription has been a great resource with step-by-step instructions and how-to photos on practically any project you can imagine being faced with as a homeowner.

Family Handyman has definitely saved me time and money. Even when faced with something outside my skill level, or for those jobs that I just didn’t have time to do, I’ve always been able to find an article that at the very least gave me some peace of mind when I did have to hire a professional. I knew what questions to ask and was quickly able to tell whether or not I was talking to someone I wanted to hire to work on my home.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer like me, a subscription to Family Handyman is the perfect magazine to add to your reading list. Every issue is packed full of the info and projects that all homeowners face.

At we’re always working to get you the best deals and service possible and we’d love to take care of whatever you need. Just gives a call at 1-800-Magazines, or shoot us an email and let us know what we can do to help.
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Hello. I’m President and CEO, Jay Clarke.

I have long been a fan of Bloomberg so when they purchased Businessweek magazine, I knew that I had to check it out, and I have not been disappointed. A Bloomburg Businessweek subscription offers great business reporting every week that’s full of insider stories on the people and issues that most affect our financial markets and business deals.

In our current age of up-to-the-second information, many websites and TV business channels can be hyper-focused on what is happening right this instant. Who just released an earnings report? Did jobs grow last month? Is the S&P 500 up or down in the last ten minutes? And so on... That’s all great to know, but unless you’re a day trader there’s not a lot you can do with the information. Magazines can’t be up-to-the-minute, and in this case that’s a good thing. Bloomberg Businessweek is great because it covers the most important business stories in a more thoughtful, in-depth manner than you’re going to get from a website or broadcast. They have all of that nanosecond-level data from their thousands of reporters all over the world, but the genius is in distilling it down from data to information and then to meaning.

When you finish reading one of the feature stories, you really feel like you understand the issue at hand, not just the superficial headlines. Plus, the magazine covers the entire world of business. You are as likely to read about the economics of the Somali piracy business as you are to read about Oprah’s plans for her cable network or when the European Central Bank is likely to raise interest rates.

Finally, and this may sound like an odd thing to say about a business magazine, it’s fun. The photography and graphics are clear in their communication and fun to look at. The “Etc.” section at the back of the magazine examines offbeat topics like the cougar phenomenon or the hypothetical casting of a Hollywood movie about Bernie Madoff. The last page is the “Hard Choices” column, where each week a business person describes one of the defining moves of their career and explains how they arrived at the decision they made, and what it has meant to them.

Even if I only have ten minutes to spare, I always feel better informed and more entertained after spending it with Bloomberg Businessweek. Thank you so much for checking out our Bloomberg Businessweek subscription offers today at If you have any questions please give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES or send us an email. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.
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Hi. I’m Jay Clarke, President and CEO here at and I wanted to take a minute to tell you a few of the reasons that I subscribe to Consumer Reports magazine.

I think it’s safe to say that we all want to feel confident and secure when we’re spending our hard-earned money. Whether you’re shopping for a new car, looking to upgrade your TV, or need to replace that old dishwasher we all want to be sure that we’re spending wisely and getting the best products for our needs.

But with how quickly things change and all the new products constantly hitting the market, it’s hard for anyone to keep up with the winners and losers out there. This is where Consumer Reports does a great job of keeping me informed with unbiased product reviews and testing in practically any product category I need.

Now I know there are also some great places to check out product reviews on the Internet, but I also know that I need to take many reviews I find online with a grain of salt. Besides, life moves too quickly to spend time searching the web for a review I can trust. With my Consumer Reports subscription I know that I’m getting a quality review that’s based on real research and surveys of customers who actually use the products I’m considering.

What gives me even more faith in the quality of these reviews is that Consumer Reports doesn’t accept advertising of any kind. This way I know that brands aren’t influencing their product rankings with big ad spends.

Consumer Reports really is a great magazine for anyone who wants a go-to source to help with purchasing decisions of all types. If that’s you, then be sure to check out the current Consumer Reports subscription offers we have at and feel free to give us a call or send us an email with any questions you might have. We’re here to help with anything you need.

Thanks so much for visiting our site.
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I’m Beth, a food and drink blogger based in Nashville, TN and I’m always looking for new and exciting things in the culinary world. That’s why I created my blog, Eat. Drink. Smile., and that’s why I love my Food & Wine magazine subscription.

As much as I enjoy traveling, I don’t have a huge bank account or an unlimited number of vacation days, so I’m forced to get creative. Food & Wine magazine is definitely an escape from reality for me, a way to travel to exotic lands without actually leaving home.

When my new copy arrives in the mail each month, I can spend hours absorbed in the pages, devouring it from cover to cover, transported to another world. One minute I’m at a backyard party in Russia, the next picking grapes off the vines in Italy, and then barefoot on a beach enjoying the day’s fresh catch.

While this particular magazine might not be my first source for every day home cooking, it definitely has a place in my life. When I’m feeling adventurous and up for a challenge, I enjoy picking out a creative ethnic recipe from the pages of Food & Wine and giving it a go. Whether it’s an unusual ingredient I need to hunt for, or just a new method of preparation I’ve never attempted, it’s always a fun learning experience.

In addition to all of the interesting food articles and features, I find that I spend just as much, if not more time reading over the wine and spirits sections. Food & Wine is where I learned how to clean my glassware properly and how to read a restaurant’s wine list to get the best bang for my buck.

Year after year I continue to renew my subscription to Food & Wine, because this magazine adds a little adventure to my life. It has broadened my views of the world and has taught me things about other cultures that I may never have the chance to experience firsthand. I love discovering interesting places around the globe and emerging culinary trends, and no one does a better job of finding those for me than Food & Wine!

If you love food and cooking then I definitely suggest checking out the current Food & Wine subscription offers going on at And if you want to hear about all of my adventures, discoveries, inspirations and recipes, along with a touch of anything else that
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Hi. I’m Jay Clarke, CEO of
Scientific American magazine is the oldest running monthly publication in America. First published in 1845 as a weekly newspaper, some of the brightest minds in science have contributed articles to Scientific American over the past century and a half, including Albert Einstein himself.
Each issue is filled with cutting-edge information and news on the latest scientific ideas, theories and technologies. And it’s not just physics, it really spans every field of science. From Astrophysics, geology and biology, to medicine, forensics and even paleontology, a Scientific American magazine subscription really covers the full spectrum.
Now I do want to point out that while Scientific American focuses on the sciences, you don’t need to be a scientist to either understand or enjoy this magazine. It really strikes a great balance between providing unique, in-depth pieces that are also easily to digest.
Thanks for checking out our Scientific American subscription deals today at and please give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES if there’s anything we can do to help you find what you need.
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Hi. I’m TV and radio personality Patricia Lopez. I’m at today to talk a little bit about Vogue magazine.

I love Vogue and its unapologetic focus. From its gorgeous photography, provocative coverage of Hollywood’s “It” Actresses and couture fashion that I may never be able to afford but love drooling over, it's a fun bit of eye-candy and fantasy for all of us to vicariously experience luxury living each month.

Vogue has earned its nickname “the fashion bible.” The magazine’s influence is palpable: Each month it consistently features the hottest looks that inevitably become next season’s hottest trend from high-waisted pants or ankle boots that eventually show up in every Gap and department store in the country. The magazine is that influential. If you're looking for good, practical advice on beauty products, hairdo’s or picking the right style swimsuit for your body type, you may be better off with a Glamour or Marie Claire magazine subscription. A Vogue subscription is definitely for the woman who wants to be ahead of the curve.

I also enjoy how Vogue dishes on the latest Hollywood scandals and gossip; remember when Jennifer Aniston finally called out Angelina Jolie for her insensitive comments about her romance with Brad Pitt? That interview was in Vogue.

Speaking of celebrities, Vogue always features someone famous and usually powerful—whether it’s Lady Gaga or First Lady Michelle Obama—on the cover. The magazine also spotlights up-and-coming celebrities really well, whether it is an actor in the season’s sure-to-be box office blockbuster or the next It fashion designer.

However, you not only get beautiful fashion layouts to look at and tantalizing celebrity gossip but also great in-depth and opinionated articles on writers, architects, actors, art exhibits and the like. I appreciate that the overall tone of the magazine makes no apologies for its authority. The magazine presents haute couture fashion, glamour and celebrity as vital art forms to our culture and society. I think it's a beautiful magazine to look at for its artistic vision and for well-written articles.

So if you love cutting-edge fashion and pop-culture then I definitely suggest checking out the current Vogue subscription deals at
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Hi. I’m Patricia Lopez.
For me, there’s no better feeling after a hectic day than coming home. Our homes are our little sanctuaries in this crazy world and I, for one, am always looking for inspiration for ways to make my home an even more peaceful and rejuvenating place.

But I’m not a designer and that’s exactly where Architectural Design magazine works so well for me. I’m not the type to just walk into a space and have a complete vision of how to perfectly transform it into the ideal room. I think my friends who do design homes and spaces for a living may have gotten a little tired of me bombarding them with questions all the time so one of them dropped off an issue of Architectural Design.

I was a bit surprised when I paged through the issue as I assumed it was a magazine for Architects, but it really does cover the full-spectrum of home design including both architecture and interior design.

What first struck me was the incredible amount of great imagery in each issue. I’m a very visual person and love how the pages of Architectural Digest are filled with great photography of homes and spaces. I even find the ads useful and inspirational!

While most of us can probably only dream of owning some of the incredible homes featured in each issue, the amount of real and achievable ideas you are able to get for your own space after paging through Architectural Digest magazine is what excites me. That makes the magazine a great read both for professional architects and designers as well as people like me who like to think we know what we’re doing to our own spaces.

I also have to mention that I love that Architectural Digest doesn’t focus on one particular style. There could be one piece focusing on a streamlined modern design in a big city high rise, to a rustic retreat or a feature of a design inspired by a recent trip to Indonesia. The most recent issue I read even featured an in-depth look into the inspiration and process behind the design and French accents of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s new Los Angeles home.

At around $2 an issue, has some great subscription deals for Architectural Digest. So whether you do it for a living or you’re doing it for yourself, an Architectural Digest subscription is a great way to find inspiration.
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Hi. I’m TV host Patricia Lopez.
Maybe I’m a little biased since I grew up in California, but I love the West. That’s probably why I enjoy Sunset magazine so much. And now that I’ve relocated to Nashville, TN, Sunset magazine gives me a little piece of home right here in the South.

At it’s core, Sunset is basically a how-to guide to the best things about living in the American West. My favorite thing about Sunset magazine is the beautiful photography that highlights the Western landscape--from desert destinations to mountain retreats and ocean escapes. The magazine covers vacation spots for every budget, from the ultimate luxury vacation to quick, budget-friendly Northern California weekend or day trips.

Westerners really do have a way of enjoying nature that is evident through the many first-person stories and snapshots included in the magazine. Even if you’ve never had the chance to take a morning hike in the Sierras, or an afternoon trip to Napa, you can take a vicarious escape on a lazy Sunday afternoon sifting through the pages of Sunset magazine.

Of course, I also love Sunset’s focus on food and wine. Western cooking is distinctive and I really love the focus on organic ingredients, whether it’s how and what to buy at the farmers’ market or growing your own. Some recent recipes I’ve enjoyed include spiced lemon quinoa and meatball vegetable soup. And of course every issue highlights wine from Northern California.

Sunset magazine is the West at Its Best giving you a fantastic glimpse of regional cooking, landscape, travel, trends, art and culture. If you love the West or want to know more about I recommend checking out the current Sunset magazine subscription deals happening right here, at
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Hi. I’m Patricia Lopez and I have a confession to make. I LOVE food. In fact, there are very few things in this life that I love more than food.

I may make my living as a TV & Radio Host, but if I were to do it all over again I’m not certain and I wouldn’t decide to be a chef. Perhaps the only thing that would keep me from that decision would be the fact that I would probably not be able to control myself being around food all day. But even though I am far from a professional chef, I still love to cook and that’s probably the reason I genuinely love Bon Appetit magazine.

Full of fantastic articles, recipes and pictures, Bon Appetit is a mouth-watering and inspiring cover-to-cover read for anyone who’s passionate about food and loves being in the kitchen. What I love about my Bon Appetit subscription is that every month I know I’ll be getting a wide range of articles and recipes that could include anything from elaborate meals to prepare for a special occasion, to quick and easy recipes that anyone can fit into a busy schedule.

Aside from the great cooking tips, Bon Appetit magazine also does a great job of covering healthy eating, tips to help you at the market, and of course the latest tools and toys to add to your culinary arsenal. If that’s not enough, in-depth articles on culinary trips and retreats around the world, or clever ideas to give my kitchen back home a new look without breaking the bank are the kinds of features that get me excited whenever my latest issue of Bon Appetit arrives.

So whether your running the kitchen at your cities hottest restaurant, or a closet chef wannabe like myself, if you love food and you love to cook then you’ll no doubt love a subscription to Bon Appetit

Check out the current Bon Appetit subscription offers at and don’t hesitate to call 1-800-Magazines with any questions you might have. Thanks for stopping by the website and take care.
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Hi. I’m Jay Clarke, CEO of
The New Yorker is one of the most respected magazines in publication. Debuting in 1925, this weekly magazine is well-known for its mix of intelligent writing and sophisticated humor. It’s the kind of magazine that gives you insight and depth to issues and topics where other outlets often just scratch the surface.
Some of the most notable sections you’ll find in each issue are “The Critics”, covering music, books, theatre, television and cinema; “The Talk of the Town”, featuring snippets and vignettes about life in New York; and of course, those famous New Yorker cartoons.
In addition to the standard weekly issues, The New Yorker also puts out dedicated issues every year focusing on a specific topic. Some notable issues include food, style, and fiction issues. I want to point out that while the magazine does cover a lot of happenings in New York City, it really is a worldly magazine that does cover stories from all over. The balance the New Yorker finds between humor, hard news, arts, and human interest stories makes it a great addition to any reading list.
We’re always working to make sure you get the best deals on all the magazines you love and the same holds true with the current New Yorker magazine subscription offers available at
Thanks for stopping by the site.
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Hi. I’m Christen from
I love to travel and am always planning my next getaway. No matter what type of vacation I’m planning, Travel and Leisure magazine always gives me the inside track on where to go next and how to have a good time.
Whether it’s a respite from my day to day life, or a thrill-seeking adventure that I’m after, Travel and Leisure is the key to keeping me in the know about my favorite destinations and the ones I’ve yet to discover. And it’s no wonder when you consider they’ve been at this travel thing for 40 years.
So, sure, you want to know what new great restaurants have opened in Napa Valley since you were there last, or what about the best food that Moscow or Istanbul has to offer? Places like these might seem far-off, but Travel and Leisure makes them accessible to both seasoned and novice travelers.
And it’s not just the far-off and the Far East that are featured in this travel bible. You don’t need a stamp on your passport to prove you’ve really been somewhere fabulous. That’s why you’ll find “five emerging destinations” for road trips stateside and the tips to capture it all, thanks to iPhoneography tutorials. These days, life moves faster, making the need to get away even more of a must. With Travel and Leisure you’ve got a trusted travel agent who can hook you up with the best family and romantic destinations out there and can even tell you how to get there in style.
Thanks for checking out my review and the current Travel and Leisure subscription discounts and offers from
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Hi, I’m Jay, CEO of

Fortune magazine is one of my go-to sources for business news and opinion that I always trust.

This bi-weekly business magazine that’s been around since 1930, is always chock-full of well-researched articles written by award-winning writers. Whether the magazine is covering Wall Street, how small businesses are thriving in the down economy or the latest leadership advice, I rely on it to keep me informed. One of my favorite aspects of Fortune magazine is a frequent editorial theme you may be familiar with—I’m talking of course about the famous Fortune lists, which rank top companies and industry benchmarks.

The most famous of these lists is the Fortune 500, an annual list that ranks the top 500 U.S. companies by their gross revenue. The first Fortune 500 list was published in 1955. Other annual lists that rank top companies are the Fortune 1000 and the Fortune Global 500.

In recent years, Fortune has also started publishing the popular Best Companies to Work For and 50 Most Powerful Women in Business lists.

If you want to keep up with the latest business news or improve your business acumen or both—I highly recommend subscribing to Fortune magazine.

Thanks for checking out the latest Fortune Magazine subscription deals today at If you have any questions please give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.
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Hi, I’m Jay Clarke, President and CEO of

I love magazines and one of my favorites is Garden & Gun. Like its name suggests, Garden & Gun magazine appeals to a broad audience. Whether it’s more “garden” than “gun” or vice versa is hard to say because so many of the articles can’t really be pegged as gender-specific--which is a plus for male readers.

The eclectic mix of music, sports, travel, history and food is always about the South, but is never predictable. Issues can contain a musical mix that ranges from Emmylou Harris and Widespread Panic to Ricky Skaggs’ banjo-playing sidekick. Generally, it’s often in tune with Southern musical styles like bluegrass and country and Southern sons like Jimmy Buffett and Greg Allman. But that’s just scratching the surface.

With a Garden & Gun magazine subscription you’ll regularly explore the sporting South through its picks on the best fishing, golfing and hunting destinations. It’s even devoted to uncovering hidden trails, celebrating good whiskey and the companionship of man’s best friend.

Good food is another popular Garden & Gun staple. Recipes for regional favorites like hush puppies, fried green tomatoes and pecan pies are included but aren’t a main focus. More often, the magazine is sharing advice on where to go to find the best barbecue, seafood, cocktails and boiled peanuts. Some magazines may be easier to judge by their covers, but not this one. Whether it’s a pan of cornbread, author Pat Conroy or a fisherman in mid-cast on the cover, it’s hard to tell just what random collection of Southern subjects awaits inside the latest issue of a subscription to Garden & Gun magazine. But there’s a guarantee that men will find many more subjects than guns, as the title hints, that will interest them.

Thank you so much for checking out Garden and Gun Magazine today at and feel free to give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES or send us an email with any questions you have. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.
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Hi. My name is Adam and I have ideas. Lots of ideas. If you’re checking out Entrepreneur magazine here at then I would venture to guess that you’ve probably had a pretty good idea or two yourself over the years.

As most of us know, coming up with ideas is usually the easy part. Coming up with the follow-through and finding a way to make those ideas come to fruition on the other hand, well that’s another story all together. I started my first small business in 2006 and while I’ve learned a lot along the way, I’m constantly finding areas of myself and my business that I can improve everyday.

I started subscribing to Entrepreneur magazine a few years ago and it’s definitely proved to be a great resource for me. A quick disclaimer: if you’re looking for a resource to help with your get rich quick scheme, this isn’t what you need. And to be frank, any magazine, book, or late night infomercial promising you that is just robbing you blind. As any business owner knows, success takes time and hard work.

While Entrepreneur magazine doesn’t provide all the answers, I really find value in a lot of the articles they have, particularly the stories of ordinary people who found success in starting their own businesses. While there’s no substitute for learning through your own experiences, learning through both the successes and failures of others is the next best thing.

Each issue is well organized with colored tabs for different sections covering topics like money, marketing, and technology which makes it pretty quick and easy to check out the sections I like most.

From new ways to market your business in the ever-changing online world, to important legal and tax news, an Entrepreneur magazine subscription would be a great resource for anyone who either already has their own business, or for someone interested in getting a better idea of what they can do to start one. And if franchising is your thing, every issue has an extensive section at the end of the magazine with plenty of franchise opportunities. always pushes for the best price on an Entrepreneur magazine subscription and we’d love to help you and your business, or your business idea, keep growing. And hey, check with your accountant because you can probably even write that subscription cost off on your taxes this year!

Give us a call at 1-800-Magazines, shoot us an email, or feel free to even send us a tweet @magazines and let us know what we can do to help you.
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Hola y Bienvenidos a Yo soy Patricia Lopez, y como personalidad de radio y television tengo que estar al tanto de las noticias mas importantes del mundo del espectaculo y es por eso que para mi, la revista People en Español es lo maximo!

En mi trabajo me exigen estar al corriente de todo lo que está pasando en el mundo del entretenimiento. Con mi subscripción de People en Español sé que voy a encontrar las ultimas noticias de la farandula junto con las ultimas noticias sobre moda, musica, y peliculas de Hollywood.

De igual manera encontraras temas culturales, tips de belleza y salud, recomendaciones musicales, y una variedad de notas y reportajes. Y si eres como yo que te gusta estar en forma y con buena salud vas a disfrutar mucho de “la sección de cocina” donde encontraras alimentos fáciles de elaborar, económicos y que cumplan con los aspectos nutritivos para una buena alimentación. Y con esa buena salud te sientes mas bello!

Por eso siempre puedes contar que People en Español te va a dar lo mas nuevo en modas. Ellos me ayudan obtener el look de una celebridad sin tener que gastarme todos mis ahorros. Además, People en Español te da la opportunidad de aprender mas sobre los actores, músicos y artistas, mas importantes del mundo! Asi que, La subscripción de la revista People en Español es para la persona que quiere una cobertura total del mundo del entretenimiento y la cultura pop.

Obten tu revista ya, busca las ofertas que tiene esperando para ti para tener todo lo que ofrece esta revista espectacular cada mes. Y por supuesto, puedes tambien llamar al 800-891-4984 donde están listos para ayudarte con cualiquier cosa. Muchas gracias por acompanarnos y hasta la próxima!
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Hi, I’m Joyce, head of the marketing team at

While I enjoy a lot of magazines, The Week is one of my favorites. The presidential daily briefing inspired this news magazine; it’s a hit list of hot topics and current events. As a working mom and an executive I am always really busy and I like that the editors do all of the hard work for me by collecting information from hundreds of news sources so I can be on top of what the world has to say and form my own perspective and opinions.

The Week does a great job of collecting information across many categories from business to technology to politics. Basically, The Week is the CliffsNotes of the news media! Whenever I read this magazine on an airplane, someone will always ask – and I mean always – if they can read it after I’m through.

A subscription to The Week also makes a GREAT gift. Being a part of the magazine industry, I’ve given lots of magazine gift subscriptions over the years. I’ve heard so much positive feedback about The Week magazine. My brother, father and even my teenage nephews absolutely love this magazine.

The Week’s editors present the information in an entertaining, never-boring format. They do an excellent job of capturing what we need to know to be informed about the world we live in.

Thanks for stopping by to check out The Week magazine today at If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-MAGAZINES or send en email to
Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Joe from

Forbes magazine is one of the best-known business magazines around. Founded in 1917, Forbes is published bi-weekly, and it covers all the most recent news in various sectors of business. From information on stocks to corporate overviews to technology advancements, Forbes magazine has it all.

Another thing that sets Forbes apart from other business magazines is that their editor-in-chief is a celebrity in his own right. Steve Forbes is well-known for his highly publicized runs as a presidential candidacy and the magazine of course bears his family name. In every issue, Steve Forbes contributes a fact and comment column, which is always an interesting read.

I bet even if you’re not familiar with Forbes magazine, you’ve heard of their world-famous lists. My favorite is the Forbes 400, a list of the richest people in America. I always look at the list hoping my name will be on it, but of course it isn’t—yet.

Other lists include America’s Best Colleges, America’s 100 Best Small Companies, Global 2000 Leading Companies, Best Places for Businesses & Careers, 100 most powerful women, most expensive zip codes, worlds’ billionaires and the Celebrity 100.

If you’re among the wealthy and powerful or an up-and-comer in the business world or just like keeping up with the latest business news, then a Forbes magazine subscription is a must-have addition to your reading list.

Thanks for stopping by today.
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Hi, I’m Jesse
Despite what you may have heard, Cooking With Paula Deen magazine isn’t devoted to all things butter. You don’t even need to break out the deep fryer--well at least not for every recipe. That’s right. There’s another side to the Southern celebrity chef’s cooking, and it’s not all deep fried.
It may come as a surprise, but Cooking With Paula Deen magazine devotes a section in each issue to dishes on the lighter side. But don’t mistake that as the Southern lady completely abandoning the decadent roots she’s so well-known for.
Fans who value rich foods will take comfort in the traditional Southern recipes, like fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, cornbread and red velvet cake, that are regularly included in the magazine.
Alongside those classics, there’s meal plans for a week--shopping list included--in every issue. Some dinner preparation is easy enough to get the little ones involved in the kitchen too.
All this great food is the main ingredient to turn a meal into a party. Whether it’s backyard barbecues, bridal showers or holiday feasts, Cooking with Paula Deen magazine is at the ready with festive dishes, serving tips and fun décor ideas.
In addition, Paula shares plenty of cooking tips and ideas for giving thoughtful homemade gifts year-round.
Though food is the main focus of the magazine, don’t think it’s all about butter just because it’s about Paula Deen.
If you love food and cooking then I suggest checking out the current Cooking with Paula Deen subscription deals going on at
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Hi, I’m Kara Gause.
I write about celebrities by day. I’m all about what the latest news on an upcoming movie or even the suits behind the films. I love it all.

The thing about a Vanity Fair subscription is that every issue is full of original insight. Take all the hype of the Royal Wedding, everyone was scrounging around for photos of William and Kate. Then all of a sudden, weeks after the wedding Vanity Fair’s cover story “Will and Kate’s New Life” has a new photo from Mario Testino. Another engagement picture, but it’s less formal, and they’re both smiling and relaxed. There are new details about their life after the wedding - the next chapter. That’s the kind of stuff only Vanity Fair can snag.

It just has more clout. Vanity Fair’s not out there regurgitating a news story; it’s making the stories. And the photographs are always gorgeous. It’s made household names out of photographers like Annie Leibowitz. She’s a celebrity in her own right, and all because her work is featured time and time again in Vanity Fair.

And while Vanity Fair is totally a worthwhile guilty pleasure, I don’t have to hide reading it. In fact, I can brag about something I read in an issue since it covers things like business and society and culture, but in a way where everyone wants to read it. It’s never dry but it’s always entertaining and original.

A subscription to Vanity Fair is great for anyone who loves smart commentary on celebrities and culture. Thanks for checking the great subscription deals on this magazine today at
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Hi. I’m Levi Weaver.

When I read a magazine, I often begin to equate that magazine to friends of mine. Music magazines bring to mind my musician friends; sports magazines cause me to reminisce about friends who are fans of whatever team I'm reading about; and technology magazines might bring to mind my computer buddies.

But when I read GQ magazine, there are only a couple of friends I'm reminded of - Those young and affluent guys who somehow bring total class to everything they do. One of them is a high-end antiques dealer with a multi-million dollar home. The other owns a members-only club and I've never seen him in anything but a finely tailored suit.

They both have excellent taste in fashion and wine, and seem to exude a silent confidence that whatever they do, they are going to be more successful at it than the next guy, just by entering the contest.

But even for those of us who still struggle to make ends meet (and can't find a good-fitting suit to save our lives) a GQ subscription still has a lot to offer by way of useful tips about fashion, food or technology for "the rest of us". Add to that the great articles, and you've got a winner.

I don't need to be as driven as Kobe Bryant or date Miranda Kerr to get why those two people are interesting and attractive. I think anyone with a sense of humor or class can read GQ and appreciate the humor of "being middlebrow", or snicker at a list of America's "Douchiest Colleges" or learn a little about the "25 Best Cocktail Bars", but when I read the articles, I can't help but think about the fact that there are some guys who graduated from one of those Universities (or dropped out when they made their first million) and can afford to actually go to all of those bars, just to do it.

And maybe that's why GQ works: it's the Guy's Guide to the American Dream, right there in print form. GQ is the Frank Sinatra of magazines.

Thanks for checking out my GQ magazine review today at
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Hey. I’m Levi Weaver. I’m a musician and part-time nerd.

I think the biggest misunderstanding about Wired magazine is that it is some kind of nerd-focused, technology-only magazine for people who know more about computers than you do. While it definitely has its ears open for the latest, fastest, and best, the truth is that Wired is far more accessible than those who haven't read it yet might give it credit for.

If I had to describe Wired, I wouldn't even call it a technology magazine. The best description I can come up with is that it is an "anthropological/science" magazine. Articles on human behavior, politics, space, cars, food and yes: gadgets and technology all grace the pages of Wired magazine in a pretty seamless fashion.

One page, you're comparing the newest apps for your phone, and the next you're reading about how a former CTO of Microsoft has developed a new method by which to cook the world's best french fries.

Did you know that the blood of horseshoe crabs has been a huge help in keeping impurities out of pharmaceutical drugs, and that they have found a way to humanely harvest it? If "Wow, that's actually really cool" is a phrase you don't use enough, you should think about getting yourself a subscription to Wired.

In addition to the printed magazine, their website, as you might expect, is also excellent. It is super-easy to use, you can get most of the same articles, and it also offers a number things you can't find in the magazine. Just today I was streaming the new Brian Eno album.

I'm not sure if this is the goal that Wired had when they set out to create a magazine, but I think their role is kind of a "how-to" for navigating and taking advantage of modern life. Technology is growing so fast that there is absolutely no way that any of us can keep up with it while we also tend to things like school, our jobs and our families.

Wired is a great filter. It sifts through the newest advancements and points out some of the "can't miss" things that you should be using.

Thanks for checking out my Wired magazine subscription review at
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Hi. I’m Jay Clarke and today I’m taking a little time to talk about some of my favorite magazines.

Popular Mechanics magazine covers all the latest news in technology and science all while showing how those changes will affect your life – from the gadgets and consumer electronics, to your home, your car, and your health.

Every issue is packed with great sections, like Tech Watch, where the Popular Mechanics editorial team shares the latest news, trends and breakthroughs around the world. The DIY sections are also great reads that show you tips, advice, and step-by-step guides of things you can do. One article may show you how to get the most out of that new SLR camera you picked up, while another might show you 20 tips to lower your monthly energy bill.

And of course, I have to mention the features that show some of the incredible things people are accomplishing out there. A recent favorite was the DIY aircraft piece showing some of the amazing planes a few people have made that also included ideas and steps on how to go about building your own fully functioning flying machine.

Overall, Popular Mechanics is a really informative and entertaining read. It strikes a great balance of covering interesting and cutting-edge stories, while also giving you things you can take back and do in your own life. If you’re the type of person who loves to know what makes things tick, then take a look at the current Popular Mechanics subscription discounts and offers at

Thanks for visiting us today at
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We’ve had a Dwell subscription in our household [geesh] … as long as I’ve known my husband. It’s the one gift I give him that always fits, comes in the right color, and I know he’ll love. My husband is an architect who prefers (that’s an understatement) modern design, and when he found this traditional girl, well, let’s just say there have been cohabitation issues.
But I have to tell you, Dwell has been the solution. It may be the leading home design magazine in the US, but because the magazine is not just for architects and designers, it’s accessible, practical, and beautiful. I love looking through the pages. Frankly, I have a hard time telling where the editorial ends and the ads begin – and that’s a good thing! I love that featured homes aren’t just beautifully set for a shot, but show the life that goes on inside, often of families with young kids like ours. I know that my husband also appreciates the more technical and conceptual information that’s available in the project summaries. Sometimes, I even surprise him with my Dwell-inspired ideas for our house!
Dwell is one of the magazines we keep on our coffee table, and it’s usually the first one our guests pick up and don’t put down until they’ve finished. It is that good.
So, get the subscription deal for Dwell that’s here on today. It’s a great addition for your reading, and a fantastic gift.
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Hi, I’m Tami.
Because making sure my family is healthy is one of my biggest priorities, Health magazine has become one of my favorite magazines. I rely on Health magazine for the latest, most reliable health and medical research news. Health’s writers deliver easy-to-read articles and tidbits, which are great since I’m a busy working mom. From the latest on vaccines or ways to prevent cancer, I always learn something new and useful from each issue of Health magazine.
I also appreciate Health magazine’s focus on food and healthy recipes. From in-depth articles that highlight new health foods like frozen sorbet bars and granola snacks to short features that include guilt-free desserts or seasonal salads help me to try new things.
Of course, a Health magazine subscription also provides great fitness and exercise information. Each month there’s also a bevy of exercise tips and tricks like yoga poses or office workouts from the pros. There’s also easy-to-follow get-in-shape plans just in time for the holidays or swimsuit season. Health magazine features every day, real-life people who have had conquered health issues like beating cancer or overcoming an eating disorder. These profiles are always personal and inspiring.
If you still need a reason to subscribe to Health magazine, there are also the regular articles on practical and affordable fashion and beauty, along with a featured celebrity story. If you’re health conscious or want to be, I highly recommend Health magazine.
Thanks for checking out Health Magazine today at If you have any questions please give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.
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Hi, I’m Jay, the CEO of
Reading Golf magazine may not get you on the PGA Tour, but it could help improve your swing or lower your handicap. That’s because golfers—and readers—of all skill levels can take away something from the magazine’s focus on improving different aspects of the game. One of the most popular sections covers instruction, and uses visual aids as guides for fundamentals like putting or short game techniques.
Another well-read section in the magazine gives advice on equipment with reviews on clubs, drivers and irons. For some readers, the annual equipment issue is one they look forward to every year.
Golf magazine also incorporates a travel section of sorts into each issue with its trips and courses section. Here you’ll find best of lists of courses in the country or the world, as well as travel suggestions.
Even if you can’t afford, say, to visit the famed St. Andrews course in Scotland, the magazine offers plenty of feasible suggestions that can work into a number of budgets.
And if you’re more a fan of the professionals’ game than your own, Golf Magazine covers all the latest news in the sport, from the tournaments to in-depth interviews with players, caddies and more.
If you love golf I recommend you subscribe to Golf magazine. Thanks for stopping by today. If you have any questions please give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.
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Hi. I’m Christen from When you think of a celebrity magazine, the glossy that undoubtedly comes to mind for getting the skinny on celebs is Star. Are Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony really still living together? That’s anybody’s guess. But the fact that a magazine was able to track down a guy she worked with on a failed reality cop show almost 30 years ago is absolutely incredible!

Most celebrity magazines play the role of a concerned fan while sharing some star’s pained secret. Not Star! Instead of stating, “Stars: They’re just like US,” as Us Weekly does, Star is happy to call it like it sees it, by saying, “Stars: Are they normal or not?” Hey, we’ve all been wondering the same thing!

Of course, the real reason to buy Star is because it seems to sniff out a story before anyone else. While the world certainly didn’t expect Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries to last a lifetime, it seemed rocked by the news that they wouldn’t last ‘til the New Year. Not Star, though. The magazine has been reporting the inevitable demise of the reality TV newlyweds practically since they got hitched August 20th.

Listen, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. Star magazine has the uncanny ability to get to the scene of the fire first.

If you love to get the latest on celebrity news then I suggest you check out the current Star magazine subscription deals going on at
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Hi, I’m Tami.
I’ve noticed that subscribing to a health & fitness magazine like Shape every month helps me to stay motivated to eat healthy and work out regularly. I like Shape magazine because it has new recipes and easy-to-follow workouts each month, which keep me from getting bored with my eating and exercising routines.
Shape magazine is also a great source for latest fitness, nutrition and weight loss information. There are always a lot of easy tips on how to lighten up recipes and mealtime staples without compromising taste. Since Shape magazine explains a variety of weight control strategies in each issue, I always find a strategy that will works for me.
The suggested workouts are varied and challenging. I like the monthly cardio routines the best. I tend to get bored with cardio easily so Shape’s monthly workouts help me change up my routines without getting off track. Also, each month the magazine publishes new strength-training exercises, which focus on a particular muscle group. I enjoy these since they are almost always new exercises to me.
I appreciate that most of the fashion advice that Shape offers is fitness related—they’ve featured the best running shoes and workout clothes. Still, Shape does include short features on the latest trends in non-fitness fashion and beauty.
Thanks for checking out the current Shape Magazine subscription offers today at Please give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES.
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Every Day With Rachael Ray magazine is all about making cooking convenient, simple and fun. No surprise, then, that this is coming from the 30-minute meals guru herself. But this magazine isn’t just about easy recipes. It’s also about tips to make life easier.
Meal-planning and grocery shopping might be dreaded chores, but the magazine breaks them down into quickly-accomplished tasks. For starters, there’s a section devoted to a week’s worth of meals, plus a grocery list with an estimated total bill.
Another section addresses supermarket smarts, such as how to cut costs or stick to a budget. It sometimes tackles lighter topics like do’s and don’ts of shopping etiquette.
As expected, most of the magazine’s recipes come together in a half-hour, sometimes less. Often these come with time-saving suggestions, and lots of step-by-step photos or instructions to help keep the meals on track.
Every Day With Rachael Ray has its share of fun content too, like food-related trivia and quizzes or behind-the-scenes peeks at star-studded culinary events—along with the award-winning recipes that come out of them.
One of Rachael’s passions is getting kids involved in the kitchen to help them learn healthy eating habits. And the magazine’s regular feature “Cook With Kids” highlights an easy-to-make recipe for the little ones.
Even four-legged friends get some love in the “Talk About Pets” section that offers a nutritious dish, which means everyone gets in on the food and the fun served up in every issue.
If you love food and cooking then I definitely suggest checking out the current Everyday with Rachael Ray subscription deals going on at
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Hi, I’m Heather from
Keeping up with the drama of celebrity lives: the weddings, babies and of course, the scandals – can be a nice escape sometimes. When you’re looking for that break from reality, you can always count on Life & Style magazine to be the first with celebrity happenings. The celebrity magazine was the first to report the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James cheating story and that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were having marriage problems after only a month after their famous black & white wedding.
A great regular feature is the photo spread, “Week in Photos,” which shows A-list stars in all walks of life: Katy Perry on the set of her latest video, Denise Richards with her daughters at the park or Justin and Selena getting ice cream. Life & Style also widely covers celebrity fashion in its regular features like “Star Style.” The magazine also includes style reports on the trendiest labels and clothing styles. There’s also a feature similar to Us Weekly’s “Who Wore it Best” called “So Hot, Everyone’s Wearing It” and compares celebrities wearing the same outfit.
Still, there’s a lot of coverage on celebrities’ lifestyles with regular columns like “Party with the Stars” and a round-up of where and with whom celebrities have been spotted recently and features insider looks at romantic getaways, celebrity-preferred salons and restaurants.
Surprisingly, Life & Style magazine’s writing is high quality and it doesn't take itself too seriously at all.
Thanks for checking out my Life & Style Magazine subscription review today at If you have any questions please give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES.
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Hi. I’m Jesse from
Until that lost bible of parenting is discovered, folks with tiny humans in their homes will always be looking for some expert help. The good news is that Parents magazine seems to be filling the void nicely for that other fictionalized parenting guide.
From the best Halloween costumes to how to raise a kid who actually loves to read, Parents magazine has become a must-have for those of us who find ourselves sleep-deprived but somehow happier for it.
Are you a new parent hoping to fake it ‘til you make it? Or do you have school-aged kiddos whose behavior is about to leave you with no more hair left to pull out? No problem, on both fronts, as Parents magazine has 85 years of experience in publishing the latest in toys, family meals, parenting tips—you name it!
So how DO you get Junior to eat broccoli, and is there really a way to fix bad behavior in a week? Implementing a battle plan is more than half the battle, so why not let someone else do the research for you? If saving time, money and energy seems like a good deal, then Parents magazine is the deal of a lifetime. If you’re a parent I recommend you subscribe to Parents magazine.
Thanks for checking out my Parents magazine subscription review today. If you have any questions please give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES.
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Hi, I’m Christen from
Marie Claire magazine is a smart magazine for women interested in more than celebrity lifestyles and trends. I always first turn to the magazine’s in-depth human-interest stories, like their recent article, “Faces if Hope,” where they featured women refugees from Bosnia. I also like that Marie Claire covers global women's issues; there’s been recent features on sex slave trade and infant mortality. These socially-conscious stories are well researched, well written and are always interesting. Whenever I pick up their latest copy, I always learn something new.
Another favorite feature of mine is the “Inspirational Women” column. The magazine features a host of women who have stellar careers. Whether it’s a profile on Kate Spade’s creative director, a Brazilian graffiti artist or a New York senator, I always feel empowered to continue to pursue my dreams.
They also devote a large portion of their content to money and career, which is great because I’m a career-minded person who’s not really focused on starting a family. It’s refreshing to find an interesting magazine that isn’t mom-focused or about “keeping house.”
Still, even though I most enjoy reading about women’s issues and other serious topics like the latest health news and relationship advice in Marie Claire, there’s ample fashion and beauty coverage. I am happy to say in the editors’ picks for trends and styles, all budgets and body types are well-represented. Thanks for checking out my review and the latest Marie Claire magazine subscription discounts and offers from Give us a call with any questions at 1-800-MAGAZINES.
Video Transcript
A video review of National Geographic Kids magazine. A National Geographic Kids magazine subscription is a great way to combing learning with fun. Each issue is packed full of great stories on animals, science, technology, and cool accomplishments of kids from around the world. On top of the great images and stories, the magazine has plenty of puzzles, games, posters and trading cards that kids love. This page also highlights the current National Geographic Kids magazines subscription discounts and deals at
Video Transcript
Hi. I’m Bill from

Car and Driver is not only my favorite car magazine, but probably my favorite magazine in general. For some people cars are performance and racing, while others are interested in minivans and SUV’s, or about getting the best gas mileage for their daily commute. Car and Driver magazine covers them all. I love exotic cars, but will probably never own one. I still want to read about them, and they are covered here, but so are all the Ford, Chevy and Toyota’s that everyone uses in their life.

One of my favorite features of Car and Driver is the ‘comparos’ that they do. Car and Driver gets 4 to 6 cars in the same niche, runs them through a series of tests, and gives a report on how each car compares to the other. They usually rank them by the statistical results of the test, but they still give their personal opinions about each car too. That way I know not only the performance measurements, but also the non-measurables… like ‘cheap interior materials’ or ‘confusing control layout’.

I also really find the long-term tests that the editorial staff performs very useful. Car and Driver keeps a fleet of popular cars that the editors use as their personal cars. They report on things like the number of scheduled and unscheduled service stops, what was covered under warranty, average miles-per-gallon, and more. This gives you a both a total cost of ownership, as well as an indication of what you will feel about a car after you’ve driven it for a while.

Overall, I feel that Car and Driver magazine is my number one source of getting updated information about cars – not only about making informed decisions on car buying, but also because I enjoy cars. I highly recommend a Car and Driver subscription for yourself, or as a gift for any car enthusiast.

With the great subscription deals at it’s never been easier to add it to your monthly reading list. Thanks for stopping by!
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My name is Levi Weaver. I’m from Nashville, TN and I write songs and play them.

It feels sometimes like we live in a post-music world. I don't mean that music has ceased to exist, but that if you listen to the radio, it would be easy to believe that (cue super-inflection in the narrator's voice) music doesn't exist ("…man."). At least not as an art form. Not like it should.

American Songwriter is like a beacon, a reminder that there are still people that care about writing songs that matter, songs that tell a story or invoke an emotion; songs that require more of the listener than tolerating background noise in a club or repeating "Baby, Baby, Baby" back to the car stereo.

For some of us, music is still the thing that whispers in our ear what it feels like to be a human being. American Songwriter is my monthly page-by-page reminder of that, whether it be the reviews of new albums that I haven't heard yet, or the interviews with songwriters I admire. American Songwriter tells the story of the storytellers, which is a great niche to fill.

Where some magazines focus solely on the biggest name they can get to fill any given article space, American Songwriter has monthly features that celebrate the total unknowns: a Lyric Contest and "Under the Radar" (a review of Independent artists).

But that's not to say that it is focused only on the unknown. Any artist renowned for songwriting either has or will grace the pages of this magazine. For me, this is how every music magazine should be: writing about songs that mattered to the people who wrote them, and matter to the people who listen to them, and completely ignoring the cookie-cutter, hit-by-committee world that dominates the pages of a lot of other magazines.

Songwriting, for me, is two forms of art combined: the art of chords/melody/harmony, and the art of poetry. If you think about it, there's no real logical connection between the two, but somewhere along the way, someone started pairing them, and the result was something that humanity has never gotten past. I'm glad there is a magazine that cares as much about that craft as I do.

If you care about writing great songs as well, then a subscription to American Songwriter wouldn’t be a bad asset to have around your studio.
Video Transcript
Hi. I’m Jesse and I work in the marketing department at I want to tell you a few of the reasons that I subscribe to Martha Stewart Living.

Every time I open the cover to Martha Stewart Living I immediately take on the mindset of “I can do that!” I know I can’t be Martha Stewart, but I can read all of the little good things she so graciously provides in each issue of Martha Stewart Living.

I find many aspects of the magazine truly relatable to my everyday life. When I found this magazine, it was love at first sight: crafts, easy sewing projects, home-made decorations and beautifully photographed meals, all in one extremely well-put-together magazine.

I consider myself a pretty crafty person and I owe a couple of completed projects to Martha. One craft project in particular I have made multiple times is Martha’s flower tissue balls. These work out perfectly for any special occasion or event and are inexpensive to make. For almost every project she provides great pictures as visual aids and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. One other section in Martha Stewart Living I really like is What’s for Dinner. Here you will find great recipes for an entire meal - appetizer to dessert. With each featured recipe an easy to follow preparation schedule is provided along with a tear away recipe card for future reference. The pictures that accompany each recipe are always fantastic and the reason why I try out the recipe at all.

Overall, a Martha Stewart Living subscription delivers very informative articles and is one magazine you can regularly reference back to, especially during the holidays.

Thanks for visiting today and please give us a call at 1-800-MAGAZINES if there’s anything we do to help!
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Hi, I’m Christen from,
No one may truly understand just how special your dog is to you, but if a magazine could, it would be Bark. That’s because it focuses on the relationships between humans and dogs, whether they are beloved pets or service animals.
While each issue carries regular features about training tips, dog behavior, book reviews and travel advice, Bark magazine is more dedicated to the joy that dogs bring to our lives.
Some dog magazines are all about purebreds, physical characteristics and showing techniques. But Bark magazine knows that all of our furry friends are special, so you’ll find plenty of pups regardless of pedigree acknowledged inside. Even better, a lot of the magazine’s advertising supports shelters and rescue organizations, as well as spay and neuter programs.
Published six times a year, the magazine covers tales about how we love our dogs and what they do for us as pets and in professional capacities. Among these are inspirational stories about service animals, like those that work as sheep herders, as part of rescue squads or even with game wardens.
Some readers have called Bark magazine the NPR or the New Yorker for dog owners and dog lovers, and with such entertaining essays and engaging content, they may well be right.
Thanks for watching my video review of Bark magazine. Be sure and check out our current magazine subscription deals!
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Hi, I’m Christen from,

Like its fashionable counterpart, Elle Décor magazine is dedicated to bringing a sense of elegance and unparalleled style into your home.

Each issue—advertising included—is filled with eye-catching rooms, unique pieces and attention-getting color. As you would expect, the latest trends in decorating are broken down and the most luxurious touches are highlighted. There’s also plenty of advice on renovating projects and efficiency in design. But what you may not expect is that not everything is so out-of-reach. For example, one of the latest issues featured how one designer was turning stickers into elegant wall coverings, along with tips on finding affordable rugs and other accents.

Better keep your wish list handy because you’ll see plenty in Elle Décor that you’ll want to buy—or at least search for something like it that’s more affordable. Especially with its listings like “Sensational Stores Around the World.”

While it may be considered the high fashion of home décor, don’t dismiss it, even if you wouldn’t be so daring with your own style. Just getting a glimpse of the trendiest interiors is a treat and education in itself.

By reading Elle Décor magazine, you just may be surprised at how your tastes may be challenged and changed.

If you love home design and decorating then I suggest checking out the current Elle Décor magazine subscription deals going on at
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Hi, I’m Christen from

Chances are, you know a woman who subscribes or has subscribed to Family Circle magazine. This long-time staple has appealed to our grandmothers, mothers, daughters and friends for nearly 80 years.

And it’s easy to see why. With advice on topics like cooking, cleaning, decorating, managing money, taking care of the home—and looking good while juggling it all--Family Circle is full of practical advice that can be applied to everyday living.

With growing emphasis on health and healthy eating, the magazine’s content has also evolved to include tips on losing weight and recipes that are lower in fat and calories.

Because no one topic is explored in great detail, Family Circle is ideal for professional women who are on the go or busy moms who can only sneak a few moments of “me time” here and there.

Just because your grandmother or mother have been reading this magazine for years, don’t think the content is outdated.

A quick read of a few recent issues is evidence that the advice has kept pace with the times with suggestions for must-have apps, bronzer picks and how to nab a workout with your pet.

Even after all these years, Family Circle is still full of topics of interest to women of all ages.

Thanks for checking out my Family Circle video review.
Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Christen from

The award-winning House Beautiful magazine shares advice on designing and decorating that jumps off its glossy pages with stunning photography.

Regular features in every issue address the editors’ picks of the latest must-have products, color selection secrets, step-by-step renovation makeovers, tablescape design tips and common problems, like how to make the most of small spaces.

With expert recommendations on everything from furniture and fabric to color and up-and-coming trends, House Beautiful magazine has something for young to experienced designers. But even DIY decorators can find inspiration in its pages.

From simple furniture and designs to more elaborate Victorian-inspired touches, House Beautiful magazine doesn’t endorse one period or school of design over another. Instead, it allows readers to choose those elements that appeal to their style and taste.

But what you may miss, just going by the name alone, is the cooking and entertaining advice that can help make that beautiful house a home. The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, chimes in with simple recipes and hosting hints for parties or small get-togethers. And the cookbook section rates the latest cookbooks after editors put them to the test.

Because of this, perhaps, House Beautiful magazine is often praised for its “liveable” approach to decorating and its easy-to-follow ideas that make creating a luxurious home seem easy.

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Hi, I’m Joyce. I lead the marketing team at

I really enjoy reading magazines and one of my favorites is Men’s Health. I’m not the target demographic of Men’s Health magazine, but I know a lot about it because I spent more than ten years working in the marketing department there. The brilliant editor and chief of this magazine is David Zinczenko. I had the privilege of working with David as he was leading this amazing men’s magazine to become a powerful and positive force in the lives of millions of men.

I’ve given many gift subscriptions to Men’s Health magazine over the years – every guy would enjoy this magazine. Men’s Health is a great source of information for and about men. The magazine thoroughly reports on everything important to guys from fun things like gadgets, cars, sports, style and travel to more serious topics like health, career, relationships and more.

My husband is a reader of the magazine, and I’ll pick up his copy from time to time. Why? Working closely with men over the years as an executive, being married, having guy friends and brothers, Men’s Health magazine gives me insights I wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s like sneaking a peek into the playbook for men!

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Hi, I’m Beth. I’m a food blogger from Nashville, TN and a Southern girl, born and raised.

Southern Living magazine has been in my life for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would spend hours poring over my mom’s collection, letting my imagination run wild. I would choose house plans and home interior designs that I loved, pretending I was all grown up with a family of my own. In fact, I still have tear-outs from issues that date back to the early 80’s!

When I moved away to college, my mom continued to save old copies of the magazine for me to thumb through when home for a visit. As time went on, I became more interested in different sections of the magazine, particularly food, travel and gardening.

Through the years I’ve torn out many articles regarding travel through the south and have followed several of their recommendations, most recently using a feature on Savannah, Georgia as a guide in building my own trip itinerary.

Once I became a homeowner, the gardening and landscaping tips became a lifesaver, as I definitely was NOT born with a green thumb! From caring for herbs to creating an arrangement of perennials in the flower bed, Southern Living has helped me bring beauty to our home, both inside and out. But most of all, my favorite aspect of the magazine, above all others is the food. Their recipes have never once let me down. In fact, many of them show up on my table over and over again, which is saying a lot coming from someone who always enjoys trying new things.

Unlike when I use recipes from other magazines, I’ve never had to tweak a dish to make it better, or ever felt the need for a “trial run” before serving to guests. With Southern Living, every dish I’ve made has been a hit, so it has become one of the most reliable sources I turn to for dinner inspiration!

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