Customer Testimonials

At, not only do we provide significant savings on magazine subscriptions, but we are also committed to our customer's complete satisfaction. Unlike other magazine companies where you might encounter a no refund policy and poor customer service, we provide a 100% Guarantee and toll-free customer support. Check out some of the testimonials we've received from satisfied customers on:

Quick response

"I would like to leave a comment as to the prompt service that I received from your employee, Greg. His immediate response and follow up to my inquiries was by far exceptional. I can honestly say that I have never received such a quick response or, unheard of, immediate follow up e-mail. Mr. Holmes is a true asset to your company and goes above and beyond his job. It has made me a very satisfied customer and I plan to stay with your company. Again, to receive the prompt service I have received from Mr. Holmes and satisfaction from your company is unheard of now-a-days. Thank you so very much and please reward Mr. Holmes for his efforts. Because of him I am going to stay a loyal subscriber." -M.R.

"Just spoke with Chase who resolved a discrepancy in my order between what I thought I purchased and what I was going to get, and did it in record time. I do appreciate this very much." -P.S.

"Thanks for your prompt response! I called and gave the representative my current card information and renewed both issues and also purchased a new subscription. The young lady I spoke to was very professional, serviced my problem quickly and was very courteous." - Joseph, Metairie, LA

"Thank you for your prompt service. We look forward to doing business with again." - Clarence

"I received the refund check yesterday. Thank you for your quick response! I also want to let you know it is great to know that some companies still do honor their refund policy. I also want to thank you for your quick and efficient service. I will recommend your company to my friends. Thank you again!" - Sharon


"Thanks for your response and for your assistance, Stacy. To you as well, Tammy---you've been a great help from the beginning. I also wanted to add that thanks to your fabulous customer service, I'll be ordering subscriptions from and will also pass on the word." - M.M., Washington, D.C.

"I just wanted to let you know I ordered this through Terry. She was so professional and efficient and I will definitely be buying more from her. She is great ! She walked me through the ordering process and made it really simple for me." - A.S., Port Orchard, Washington

"Thanks so much for your quick and very helpful reply to our e-mail; as you could not find us on the records of your company's customers, it is doubly impressive that you took the time and trouble to answer! In our experience, customer service like that is unusual, and we look for this in making online purchases in particular" - B.B., Pasadena, CA

"Tammy, I really appreciate your prompt service. My daughter will be very happy. This is rare in a large company and I will remember where to shop for magazines- customer service is so important- thanks!" - J.H.

"I want to tell you that you are making your organization great by your prompt customer service. You should show this to your boss because we really appreciate YOUR timely responses. Because of this, I will tell all of my colleagues that they should go through from now on." - R.H.

"I appreciate your quick response. Thank you very much it is much appreciated. My mother in law is looking forward to the magazines, they sound wonderful. I love to share great customer service stories, especially at work since customer service is my area also. This is a great one to share and I thank you for that. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that takes it seriously." - A.D.

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Ease of ordering

"I hope this is a monitored address. I just wanted to say, "Thank You". My miles posted the other day and prevented me from loosing about 143,000 that were about to expire. I can say in all my years of ordering magazines for the office and my personal use, I am never disappointed with your company. I sporadically stop ordering magazines when I reach over supply, but each time I toss several years of magazines and decide to start up again, I always choose your company for the reason above. Thank you again." -D.A.

"I would like to let you know what a great job Jackie did in assisting me with a rather complicated order. She was very professional but extremely courteous and personable. Jackie helped me pick out and order several different magazines while always keeping my price point in mind. She was knowledgeable and friendly. Jackie was truly a pleasure to deal with. She made picking out the different magazines a quick and painless process! I just wanted to let you know what great job she did for me. Thank you for your time and Happy Holidays." - V.W.

"I contacted Roger in your customer service department and he was absolutely wonderful and very helpful. Because of him I ordered two more magazine subscriptions."- P.V.

"It was a real pleasure to use your site tonight to renew and purchase a new subscription with two addresses. You made it very simple - Thanks!" - Susan

"Thank you so much. I was fearful that I was going to have a duplicate subscription. My faith is restored in on-line ordering." - Terry

"My daughter-in-law just thanked me for receiving the first issue of her gift subscription to Cooking Light. Likewise, I want to share her thank you, along with my personal thank you, for the seamless transaction and impressive timing of delivery. I stumbled across after an unsuccessful experience with a competitor, in which I waited three months for the subscription to begin. After contacting the competitor to voice a complaint, it took another month to receive a refund. If I had only know about earlier, my daughter-in-law would have received her subscription in time for the holidays! Thank you! I have learned a truly valuable lesson." - D.S.

"This is the best magazine ordering system I have ever seen. I will be using it much in the future!!!" - M.Z.

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Great customer care

"I called this morning to cancel two magazines that had renewed through ARS. I want to complement Dave who helped me. He was very courteous and worked very quickly. He made a couple alternative offers but was not pushy. Because of his level of service, I will come back to in the future for new subscriptions." -M.R.

"Thank you Lissa (and everyone!), so much, for your excellent customer service! If there is a survey that I can participate in to relay that message - please do send to me. It's the small things that make a big difference and you so cheerfully taking care of the issues regarding the subscriptions for my son have been HUGE! Again, thank you!!!!" -D.S.

"That was perfect. Thank you very much for all of your help. It is nice to finally work with a company with exceptional customer service!" -S.B.

"I had occasion to call today and spoke with Ruben. A Terrifically helpful and pleasant young man. Please pass compliments on to him. He should be recognized. Great customer service! "-S.M.

"Just to let You know Andrew was so helpful with my order. I wouldn't have been able to do it by myself' I just wanted to do a shout out to you he was very kind to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this." -Teri

"Thank you very, very much for helping with this. If ever needs a testimonial, or if you personally need a statement of you good work, I would write it." -F.R.

"You should give Brad a raise!" -Melissa

"I have had occasion to call your customer care center two times in the last week. Both of those calls were taken by Brad. His customer service is excellent! He is courteous, thorough, and thoughtful in the way he handled my requests. He offered options, but was not too forward in those options. Thank you, you're doing a great job!" -M.R.

"I called today to cancel a subscription that already had been processed via the automatic renewal system. I was expecting it to be difficult but Jason took care of the cancellation with ease. He is friendly, courteous and knows the meaning of Customer Service. Owning a business myself, I know how important it is to have employees that can represent my company by using their own customer service skills. I appreciate that has such a wonderful employee." -Gabriele

"I just had one of all best best experiences with customer service by phone. You probably have no idea how many people are just terrible representatives. Andrew is definitely the one of the Best Voices for the Face of a Company. Your Company. I get stellar service so infrequently that I feel compelled to let Manager or Supervisor know of PERFECT SERVICE. Of course, if he had been horrid I've have to let you know too. I have a moderate hearing problem that so many people out there don't seem to understand what that means. Speaking to a native born English save time and is refreshing as I prefer to do business with companies that have employees in the USA.......There are not adjectives to describe my experience before noon today. I just wanted to let you know how incredible my experience was. I told Andrew, that I wished he took my call for any company that I phone."- A.L.

"I would like to express my thanks to Roger Cummings who has assisted me in placing orders for two years for my great nieces and nephews…he has always been ,most helpful and professional. I particularly appreciated that he sent me the reminder in October to update subscriptions which were age appropriate since their ages range from 18 month to 12…..I would like his supervisors to know how much I appreciate the good service."-J.A.

"I asked Chris for his supervisor's name and email address so I can tell you what a superb customer service agent this young man is. I have two perspectives: (1) as a new customer of who needed a lot of help for my first order, and (2) as a retired human resources director (Time Warner) who hired and trained customer service personnel for several decades.Since, as a customer, I'm often on the receiving end of mediocre or even poor customer service, when I'm helped by an agent who obviously cares about the customer, is unfailingly courteous and patient, demonstrates knowledge and-as the saying goes-went "above and beyond the call of duty" to help me thoroughly.He was so helpful that I am now a confirmed customer of for all my magazines (personal and gift)--changed from Amazon. I hope you will tell him that he made my day easier." - J.D.

"We called to get help with our latest order and the person we spoke with, whose name we didn't quite catch, was amazing to work with. She was willing to try things in the computer system to attempt to resolve our problem and she was so pleasant and helpful. We are continually impressed by the excellent customer service at We hope that you can find the representative that helped us and thank her for us." - K.H.

"I have subscribed to Cosmo for my daughter for years now and always auto renewed. She has moved to another state and has really "outgrown" this magazine!! So I called to #1, see if I could get a refund and if not, #2, have her address changed. I spoke to this WONDERFUL representative, Lissa, who assured me that yes, I could certainly get a refund OR change the address, whichever I desired!! When I explained that my daughter is now married with a baby on the way, she suggested Parents magazine, instead for even less money per year AND a refund for the rest!! Needless to say we did the change of address and my daughter will be surprised with a new magazine in the near future.You are very fortunate to have such a personable, knowledgeable, and caring employee as Lissa......Hang on to her!! Happy Holidays to all of you there at -S.H.

"I just dealt with one of your representatives, Chris. Chris was friendly, professional, concise, clear and very helpful.everything you’d want as a consumer from someone on the other end of the telephone. Based on my interactions, I'll be using your company again in the future. I wish you all good things this holiday season. Tell Chris I sent my regards when you see him. -M.K.

"I would like to bring to your attention the EXCELLENT customer service I received recently from Ryan concerning a magazine subscription in which I inadvertently used a wrong Zip Code when I subscribed. Ryan responded promptly to me, and then followed up making the correction with the publisher for me. I appreciate his dedication and his customer oriented attitude, which is seldom seen in this day and age."-P.D.

I just want to let you know about the excellent customer service I received from Jeannette. I called a couple of weeks ago with an inquiry about a couple of my magazine subscriptions. She was able to get in contact with the Publisher, and was able to get them combined into consecutive delivery dates. Thank you for providing a wonderful magazine subscription service along with great customer service.” J.B.

"The [] process was simple: one phone number, easy to find on the front page of their website. It was quick: they actually answered on the third ring (no voicemail, but a live human). It was painless: I told Lissa the situation and she told me how sorry she was that had happened and they’d refund my money right away. The whole process took less than two minutes, and I left the phone call with one big thought: Those periodical pushers will see me again. Thanks, Lissa. And thanks to You’ve restored my faith in another company’s service." - Danny, Durham, NC.

"I had never ordered a magazine subscription online before but I thought I would take a chance with I ordered my husband a subscription & I ordered another one for myself. I was not really pleased with my magazine & I called to cancel my subscription because your service said 100% satisfaction. I was very surprised when they told me "NO PROBLEM". My account was credited RIGHT AWAY & I never received any telephone marketers trying to sell me something else. This is one of the reasons I am pleased with your outstanding service & would not hesitate to order from you again." - D.R.

"Thank you, Jackie, for the written cancellation confirmation and for your courteous handling of my request. I am also a customer service specialist and have great appreciation for good customer service!" - Rick, Vancouver, WA

"How sweet it is that you went out of your way to help me. I called the # and they cancelled the subscription. You have great customer service people, who really care about helping out." - J.K.

"Thank you for your help! It's truly refreshing to do business with a company that not only makes it easy to do business with them, but also has pleasant and efficient people!

"Stacy, thanks so much for your care and attention. It's people like you that give companies like a good reputation and makes shopping with your company a delightful experience!" - M.S.

"Thank you very much for your assistance. Please forward this message to your supervisor as it is so hard to find good customer service reps today. You could have ignored my request all together since it really wasn't an issue with your company. With the phone number you provided I was able to take care of my situation with one easy phone call. Next time I order magazines you can rest and be assured I will order it through Please continue providing good customer service as there are those of us who really appreciate it!" - R.B.

"Tammy, you are great!!! Why??? Because most people with your job would never have taken the time to write back to me, let alone give me that information!!! We need more sensitive people like you in the business world!! Keep it up and show this message to your boss!!!" - M.K., High Springs, FL

"Thank-you so much for your help. I am very impressed with how well my requests and questions have been responded to and handled. I will be sure to continue doing business with your company. Thank-you again." - A.P.

"I Thank You for taking the time to help me ..your kindness and helpfulness are refreshing in this day and age ...... I will most definitely think of your company first when I want a new subscription. Have a great Day! Your Kindness is like a ripple that has a good affect on our society." - J.M.

"Thank you Stacy for going above and beyond the call of duty! Please forward this to your supervisor. You should be recognized for taking the initiative to help me. Again, thank you!" - C.A. -Center City, MN

"Honestly, your customer service is well above expectations. Thanks for the help Tammy and I plan to run my other magazine subscription renewals through in the future, thanks to your responsiveness." - A.R., Fredericksburg, VA

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate what you have done to help me in this subscription order. I'd say customer service for your company has been a good experience for me. Thank you again." - L.R.

"Thank you so much for your help, I plan to recommend you company to all my friends and family and will let them know what great help you gave me." - J.H.

"I called to cancel a magazine and spoke with 'Jackie'. She was the friendliest and most helpful CSR I have spoken to in a long time. I don't have her last name, but I certainly hope she gets some sort of kudos. I didn't have the account number so she checked other areas. When that didn't work, she found the number for the publisher. She was so helpful. I will be doing business with you in the future. Thank you very much and thank you to Jackie." - P.Q.

"I tried to order a magazine and I truly messed up my order. I found a number to call to see if I could remedy the errors and start over. I happened to contact Martina and what a blessing it was. In this day and age it is sooooo rare to find someone like Martina to help you.....She was everything a wonderful person should be. She was kind, considerate, patient, caring and so knowledgeable and concerned. She is truly a jewel and I had to let you know how fortunate you are to have her as an employee...I will tell all my friends and family to order all the magazines from you from now on. She made my day so pleasant and relieved my mind when I did not know what to do to cancel my order and begin again. I will never forget her kindness and her caring attitude. She is a very special person. Thank you and thanks to Martina for all her help....She is a precious gem and a great asset to your company." - M.M., Chapel Hill, NC

"Thanks Tammy, My husband and I will never order magazines from anyone but you folks. We're also telling our friends and family about your wonderful service, selection and prices!!" - M.S.

"Thank you very much, I did phone my order in today at 800-624-2946 and a very patient gentleman by the name of Reggie assisted me in ordering 9 magazines to different addresses - and on 1 bill. No other magazine I researched would do this, so thanking the representative again for an order well taken and I will certainly use you again in the future." - L.C.

"Tammy--I am so impressed that you and sent me a personal, specific response. Thank you very much. That is not what normally happens, in my experience, with internet retailers. By going back to your website, I was able to order the magazines I wanted, and to get them sent to my children as gifts. Thanks again. This kind of customer service is just great!" - R.C.

"I just got off the phone with one of your agents, Mikki, and I wanted to send an e-mail commending your customer service people. I call you guys pretty regularly to track down receipts, and I have never had a bad phone call. In a position where I deal with multiple companies on a daily basis, your people are some of the friendliest and most competent." - M.R.

"Thank you so much for all your help. It's nice to get a reply instead of a link. Have a great day." - K.S., Newport Beach, CA

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Great prices

"I love for many reasons but, the biggest reason is their great deals. It is a great place to get great deals. If anyone asks me where to get magazines, would be my answer!" - Will, Hendersonville, TN

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