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Do you enjoy learning about history, science, and the arts? Are you a teacher or educator who is looking for helpful resources? If so, you’ll enjoy a subscription to one of our education magazines!

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More About Education Magazines

Teachers and educators will benefit from a subscription to one of our educational magazines. Library Journal is a respected publication for librarians. The journal covers the latest news, events, and information affecting the library field. It also contains reviews of databases, software, and books. The award-winning publication Journal of Leadership Studies is filled with information about non-profits, businesses, government organizations, and health care administrations. The publication focuses on leadership theory and practice.

Mental Floss bills itself as a liberal arts education packaged in a magazine format. It is an educational magazine that strives to make learning entertaining. The publication is filled with fun facts, did-you-know trivia, quizzes, and short articles and interviews.Mental Floss covers science, logic, art, literature, religion, history, world culture, and more. The concise articles, easy-to-follow format, and eye-catching layouts make learning both fun and accessible. If you know someone who enjoys random trivia or quirky facts, they’ll love a subscription to Mental Floss.

Whether you are a teacher looking for educational resources or an individual who enjoys learning about the world, you’ll look forward to each new issue of our education magazines. Peruse our website to find great deals and discounts on education magazines. You’re sure to find one that you will love!