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Do you love studying human behavior? Does the world of psychology captivate you? If so, you’ll enjoy a subscription to one of our psychology magazines!

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Psychology Today is a widely read, trustworthy guide to psychology, neuroscience, relationships, parenting, health, and more. For over 40 years, the magazine has enabled readers to make healthier decisions, navigate through various life stages, and make positive choices. Written by experts in the fields of relationships, nutrition, health, and self-esteem, the magazine also examines self-help techniques and cultural trends. Men and women who are interested in mental and emotional health will appreciate a subscription to Psychology Today.

Scientific American Mind documents groundbreaking discoveries in the world of psychology and neuroscience. Geared toward inquisitive readers, the bi-monthly magazine deals with everything from how the mind works to how to manage stress properly. Focusing on the science of what makes us “us,” the magazine is a must-read for savvy intellectuals. Those interested in the latest scientific breakthroughs will savor a subscription to Scientific American Mind.

If you’re interested in the world of psychology, you’ll enjoy a subscription to one of our magazines. Each new issue will keep you informed about the ever-changing world of psychology. Peruse our current deals and discounts in order to find a magazine that is right for you.