American Frontiersman Magazine
American Frontiersman Magazine

American Frontiersman Magazine

Published Quarterly 4 issues per year
American Frontiersman is an outdoor magazine about learning the tools that are required to survive in the outskirts of modern civilization. Each issue provides valuable tips and guides that helped early American colonists move westward across the United States. As more people rely on technology, this magazine hopes to rekindle the spirit of living off the land. More Info >>
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Additional Information

About American Frontiersman

American Frontiersman is the magazine that should be in every survival toolkit. Readers will learn how to craft new tools for chopping wood, or build a weapon to defend themselves or for hunting large game. Along the same lines, readers will also learn about foraging, identifying plants and how to track animals, remain hidden and set traps. The skills found in each can also be applied around the home. Lear how to stop unwanted pests, cook meats, plus the history of survival in the wilderness anywhere in the United States. For and those seeking entertainment, American Frontiersman features many different projects that will thrill family and friends. Every issue includes special sections dedicated to projects such as homemade soda can cannons, potato launchers, and other thrilling items games that will impress family and friends. Hobbyists and collectors will learn how to make clothing, find artifacts like arrowheads, whittle wood, or craft decorative tools, frames and other items for around the home or for sale. For gun enthusiasts or historians, readers will find information about historic weapons used by frontiersman in the early days of America. Anyone that wants to experience life as a frontiersman, learn about living off the land, and rekindle a bit of the American spirit should subscribe to American Frontiersman today!
Issues Per Year: 4
Estimated Delivery: Up to 12 Weeks
Publishing Frequency: Quarterly
Publisher Name: Athlon Media

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